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How to Leave Your Wedding in Style

Sending the bride and groom off is an old tradition that now makes for a beautiful picture opportunity. How you decide to leave your wedding may be a hard choice to make because there are so many amazing ways to do it. Because you only get one send off, I would encourage doing your research on what exactly you want to do. What pictures you want to get from your send off will also help you determine how you want to do it!

Why are people throwing rice? Throwing rice over the bride and groom as they leave was a sign of showering them with prosperity, fertility and good fortune. This is a very old tradition and, quite honestly, a very beautiful one. If your send-off is during the day, this will photograph in a very classic and elegant way.

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While traditional, rice throwing is a one-chance photo op. A good alternative which looks even better, more gentle, and could be a money saver: white confetti. If you’re looking for a great photo op, the confetti will float in the air longer, giving your photographer more time and opportunities to get the perfect shot. 

Another daytime throwing staple are flower petals. These are obviously more costly than confetti but if you have the room in your budget, it’s a beautiful idea. Pastel colored flower petals or even red rose petals can elevate your special moment of walking away as a married couple. Flower petals can easily be swept up afterwards and, unlike confetti, aren’t harmful to the environment if a few happen to be missed during cleanup. This could also look amazing as a bridal party picture after the ceremony, or even as you walk back down the aisle as a married couple!

One thing I personally have dreamed of always doing at my wedding is sparklers. I can’t tell you how many pictures of sparkler exits are on my wedding Pinterest board. There’s something so celebratory, beautiful and fun about leaving your big day under a tunnel of sparkling light. Sparklers last for a good few minutes so there’s plenty of time to do a couple of different fun poses as you’re sent off! It is a smart idea to communicate with your photographer how you want these photos to look like because every sparkler send-off looks different! You’ll also need to make sure that your venue will allow sparklers for safety reasons.

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Looking for something completely mess free? What’s more fun than bubbles? Blowing bubbles looks great for a day time exit photo! This idea is super unique and fun for the couple and the guests. This is a really fun option for guests of any age, but especially if you have a lot of younger relatives. You can have traditionally bubble wands or, for a guaranteed grand amount of bubbles, you can get bubble guns for your guests to use!

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