Choosing to have a summer wedding means having an abundance of sunlight for pictures, bright color palettes for decorations and bridesmaid dresses, and gorgeous flowers in full bloom. However, summers in Athens also means hot, humid weather which can result in makeup easily smudging. If you choose to do your own makeup, here are some tips to keep your face looking perfect and pristine! 


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Prime Your Face

You wouldn’t paint a wall without a primer, so why paint your face without one? Using primers on your face and eyelids can make a whole world of difference. These will give your makeup a base to adhere to rather than just sitting on your face. Along with lengthening the duration of your makeup, many primers can also help your skin look better: primers absorb oils on your face and helps your foundation spread more smoothly,  and they also contain antioxidants.

Keep Your Face Dy

As your face produces more oil during the day, your makeup has a higher chance of smudging or coming off. Translucent powders and blotting sheets can combat this without disrupting your makeup look. Applying translucent powder after your concealer and foundation provides a matte finish without looking cakey, and more can always be applied throughout the day because it is sheer coverage. If carrying translucent powder around is too bulky, blotting sheets are much smaller and will also get rid of excess oil like powder will.

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Waterproof Makeup Products

There will be a struggle removing these products when the night is done, but this is how you know your makeup will not run or smudge during the day. And along with protecting your makeup from the humidity, these products will also keep your makeup looking perfect while you have happy tears during this special day! Remember to double check whether the packaging specifies waterproof or water-resistant as well as testing the products to make sure they will actually withstand the hot, summer weather.

Setting Sprays

Setting spray works the same was as hairspray does. Hairspray is used to make sure hair stays in place, and setting spray is used in the exact same way for your makeup. Using an effective setting spray will lower the temperature of your makeup to keep it from melting due to the heat and settling into fine lines. They also do not alter the look of your makeup and feel weightless on your skin.  

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Taking these extra steps when doing your makeup will lead to a less stressful Athens, GA wedding. You can always be positive that you are always photo ready throughout the whole event, no matter how humid it is or how many tears are shed.  


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