The heart-twirling whirlwind known as “falling in love” is truly a miracle. Even more astounding is the possibility that two individuals could come together and publicly declare their decision to choose one another – in sickness and health, wealth and poverty – for the rest of their lives. This is why weddings tend to be such a big deal. Couples often invite family and close friends to elaborate (or intimate) ceremonies for a chance to celebrate the miracle of a new, committed relationship.

     In attempt to give guests a taste of their ethereal bliss, every detail of the wedding day is designed to point to the nature of the couple. Will the vows be traditional or hand-written? Will the bride wear a classic white dress or a bold-colored gown? Will the reception reflect the flashy glamour of Hollywood or the Southern charm of Athens?


     As you prepare for your special day, remember that there is no cookie-cutter way to plan a wedding.The only rule is that your ceremony and reception should be like mirrors that reflect your relationship with your future spouse. For example, friends could notice your sense of organization in the meticulously-designed place cards, or family will remember your partner’s obsession with antique cars when they see a photographer taking pictures of guests in front of a Phantom II Continental Rolls-Royce. Feel free to throw in as many personal touches as you deem fit. Need help getting started? Here are a few ideas to kick-start your imagination!


  1. Place trivia cards with facts about you and your spouse in the center of each table at the reception. Guests from each side of the family can learn about the new couple as they wait for their entrees to arrive at the table!
  2. Do a silly photo shoot and have canvas prints of the photos located throughout the cocktail or reception area.
  3. Create a menu based on your favorite foods. For example, guests can order “Sharon’s Choice Chicken” or “Danny’s Shrimp Linguine.”
  4. If your ceremony or reception area has a projector, you may play a slideshow chronicling the progression of your relationship from the first date to the wedding date!
  5. If you have an artistic talent, shake up your ceremony by presenting your vows in a new light. You could sing a song, choreograph a solo dance for your spouse, or have a friend read a poem as you do a live painting illustrating your commitment. The sky’s the limit!


Once your wedding day includes details that both you and your partner love, it will be fun for you and your guests! If you begin to feel bored when thinking about the day’s events, you need to go back to the drawing board. Good luck, and enjoy yourself!

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