Featured Rings: Tena’s Fine Diamonds and Jewelry

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One of the first images that comes to mind when thinking of marital bliss is that of your engagement ring. It’s the staple that glistens from your finger, telling the world that you’re “taken,” but more importantly, it’s the embodiment of the beauty of the love between you and your significant other. No two rings are the same, just as no two loves are the same. That being said, your ring should reflect your personality and style – it should reflect what makes you you.

I visited Tena’s Fine Diamonds and Jewelry to get an inside look on how to select that perfect ring. I was immediately greeted and invited to sit down and learn about the store and products. The local chain opened a store in Athens in 2009 by three sisters Debbie Jackson, Sandra Brown, and Jeana Worley. Together, the dynamic trio has kept the tenets of customer service, quality, and fine jewelry near and dear since the original store was started in 1965. If you’re getting married in Athens, a visit to Tena’s is an absolute must. In this article, I’ll go over some of the tips given from the friendly associates of the Athens store off of East Clayton.

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One of the first tips to keep in mind: know your personal style. Are you a fan of traditional, classic styles with clean lines or do you prefer the more modern look? Do you prefer yellow, rose or white gold? Would you rather to go with a simple look or one that’s more extravagant? There’s no wrong way to go. Ask your sales associate if you can look at a variety of styles to get a general idea of what you want.

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The diamonds themselves are really something scientifically spectacular. Their brilliance results directly from the cut of the stone; the more precisely cut (not too shallow or deep) allows the most sparkle. To test the true shimmer of a stone, ask to view it in indirect light. The fancy lights in the windows are designed to allow for the most shine, but by examining it in less than optimal light, you can get a better sense of how much it will shine in an everyday setting. The color of the stone varies with clarity and purity. Size, color, and clarity all have a direct relationship to price, but it is still possible to achieve the look you want with a different setting. Halo style rings, for instance, have a band of smaller diamonds circling the center stone, making it appear larger.

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Ultimately, the best way to find your dream ring is pretty simple – just try on rings. A lot of rings. According to the associates of Tena’s, it’s important to look for the one that makes your heart sing when you try it on; the right one will make it skip a beat every time.


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