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A trending alternative to the typical bridal shower, a couples wedding shower is a joint, co-ed wedding event celebrating the happy couple. This gathering caters to both wedding members, allowing both loved ones to feel more involved if they both wish to attend. A couple shower allows for a more inclusive guest list, more theme and food options, and a more festive atmosphere. Closer to a cocktail party or dinner party, this “Jack and Jill” shower rethinks tradition by giving the couple more freedom than a conventional bridal shower. Here are some reasons you should consider a couples wedding shower and tips on how to plan one!

Expanding the Guest List & Invitations

Typically, the pre-wedding bridal shower was only for the bride and female guests invited to the wedding. But not all brides want to celebrate without their significant other, or they may have close friends that aren’t just female. A couples shower provides a more inclusive opportunity involving both members of the wedding as the center of attention. Furthermore, the guest list isn’t as restrictive as a bridal party, and you can invite anyone who is special to the couple. Both single and coupled friends of the bride and groom can celebrate alongside the happy pair. However, to keep it intimate, try to keep the guest list around 30 people or less.

A couples shower gives an opportunity to reconsider the traditional feminine, flowery, and cursive feel of the bridal shower invitation. Your invitation design should represent and reflect the personality of the couple, and a joint shower provides an outlet for more creative options. Imaginative colors, designs, themes and fonts are just some ideas to expand on originality! Make sure to include on the invitation that both members are being celebrated in the couples shower, as this better prepares your guests for the event.

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More Theme & Menu Options 

A high tea, ladies’ luncheon or mimosa brunch are all appealing themes for a bridal shower, but might not attract those interested in throwing a couples shower. There are a wide variety of themes that include all those who are invited. Some ideas are as simple as substituting cocktails for tea and barbeque instead of finger sandwiches. Below are more elaborate themes.

 Inviting your guests to dress to a theme, whether it’s as famous characters, a play on words, or a color, is a fun alternative where all guests can participate. A sports or game show themed shower gratifies couples with a more competitive side or bonds the guests through teamwork. For those who live near the beach or enjoy outdoor fun, a picnic, beach or pool party shower takes a more casual spin while appreciating the great outdoors. Spice it up if you love to travel by dubbing your couples shower “around-the-world” and serve various international cuisine and drinks.

Like the ideas above, a couples shower greatly extends the menu choices beyond traditional options. Anything is a possibility, but a thoughtful menu will be appreciated by all those at the shower. If the couple loves a particular food, including that cuisine in the couples shower will reflect the personality and feel of the happy pair. Or if you choose a particular theme, coordinate matching food and drinks to add that perfect extra touch. Make sure to accommodate or substitute any food restrictions or allergies of your guests before putting the menu together! 

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Entertaining Games & Charming Decor

Fun games are essential to contributing to the intimate, inclusive feel of a couples shower! A traditional name game to start introduces guests to each other and helps them feel at ease, or everyone can break the ice by saying how they know the couple. This is a great time for the host and those who might not speak in other parts of the wedding to toast to the couple. If you choose a theme for your couples shower, stick to the theme with games that cater to the shower’s setting. Outdoor games like cornhole, pong, and dancing are simple and can get the party flowing. Games where everyone interacts with the happy couple is a great way to bond the group and make memories with everyone special to the couple. Testing the guests knowledge on the pair is fun through printable question games, and “who knows the couple best” can reveal new information to everyone! 

Decor sets the tone of any event, and a couples wedding shower is no different. Choosing decorations that suit both tastes of the wedding couple might seems difficult, but there are plenty of ideas to collaborate and compromise. If there isn’t a theme to help guide the decorations, stick with simple colors, patterns, and floral arrangements. Suggestions to transform any space into a couples shower are banners, backdrops or balloons with the happy couples’ names, date of the wedding, or “I do”. Anything can be turned into a photo booth with a cute backdrop, and props add excitement to any photo-op!

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Casual Vibes & Intentional Gifts

The easygoing and relatively new nature of a couples’ wedding shower means that there aren’t any rules or traditions that exist, so you can make it however you want it to be! The location, gift requirement, timing and host are all up to you, making a couples shower much more casual. If the couple chooses to accept gifts at the shower, a gift off their registry is perfect. In fact, you may choose to hold a couples shower because people will be more likely to gift you a co-ed gift off your registry rather than typical bridal gifts. With both the groom and bride at the shower, there will be less heat on one person awkwardly opening the couples’ gifts and more excitement from everyone when both the couple opens something they love. 

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