Between picking a venue, a dress and selecting food for your wedding, planning a wedding can seem overwhelming. But what about those who are planning on having a vegan wedding? It may seem even more stressful, to ensure that your big day is completely free of animal products but with over 7 million people already following a vegan lifestyle in the United States, it’s increasingly easier to find vegan alternatives to every favorite wedding dish!  I talked with Kylie Squire, a recent UGA grad who plans on having a 100% vegan wedding to get insight on what it takes to throw a vegan wedding:

The Vegan Bride-to-Be


Kylie is a 23 year old veterinary assistant who received her degree from the University of Georgia in Wildlife sciences. When asked what made her become vegan she responded,

“I’ve always been super passionate about the environment. When I first learned the impacts animal agriculture has on the environment I really cut back.”

At home, Kylie and her fiancé Ryan prepare only vegan meals, which eventually led Ryan to become vegan as well! Now the two are planning on throwing their dream vegan wedding at the end of this year.


The Menu


Photo from The Grit’s Facebook page

With her wedding over six months away, Kylie is still working out the details of her menu for the reception. Prior to booking her venue, she made sure that they had hosted a vegan wedding before, and she was not afraid to speak openly about what she wanted:

“If you are kind, respectful and honest with people they are usually more than willing to help! You just need to make sure you give people plenty of notice so that they have plenty of time to make necessary changes in the menu. Furthermore, don’t feel ashamed for wanting your special day to align with your beliefs! This day is about you and the person you love.”

Kylie plans on serving already naturally vegan foods such as soups, dips, pastas, salads and starches.


Let There Be Cake!


Photo from The Grit’s Facebook page

And, last but definitely not least, Kylie will be ordering a vegan cake such as the ones you can order from the Grit here in Athens! The Grit offers various flavors such as Vegan Chocolate Death, Peanut Butter Chocolate. Choco-Coconut, White Light and even Carrot cake (Kylie’s favorite!) to name a few. If you plan on using The Grit to cater your Athens, Georgia wedding, Kylie recommends their chili with bread, gyros, the house salad or picking a few sandwiches and letting your guests pick their favorite one! Check out this post by Weddings in Athens blogger Kaleigh Wright for more about what the Grit offers for catering your vegan/ vegetarian wedding!



Vegan Catering Inspiration from Alex Poltera

So for all you vegan brides out there in Athens, take a deep breath and know that your dream vegan wedding can happen! With catering options from local favorites like The Grit and White Tiger Gourmet, you’re sure to create a menu that suits your needs and impresses all your guests! Kylie’s advice for those in the midst of planning their own vegan wedding?

“Don’t feel ashamed for wanting your special day to align with your beliefs! This day is about you and the person you love. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind! You’d be surprised how many people will be completely cool with the idea. You never know, the awesome food may inspire some people to make some changes in their own lives!”


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