Our coverage at the 3rd Athens NotWedding just over a month introduced us to some new friends, including the lovely Kristen Scott!

She is a Day-of Wedding Coordinator and is remarkable at what she does. After missing a lot of special moments of her daughter’s wedding day, Kristen knew she had to do something so other mothers wouldn’t miss a thing. With her infectious positivity and heart to build relationships with her clients, she’s more than dedicated to ensure anyone’s wedding day is truly special – no matter the challenge. She’s definitely a necessary commodity for any bride who wants a hand in planning her and her future-spouse’s special day. Read on to find out more about Kristen and what she does!


Kristen Scott, Photo by AC Studios Photography

Tell us your story and how it led you to what you do!

When my only daughter got married, I thought I could manage everything on my own so she could relax and enjoy the day.  And I did; but at the cost of missing some very special moments that I should have shared with her.  Only then did I realize that people have a real need for what I now do. 

What makes you different from, say an event or wedding planner?  

Wedding planners take care of all decisions, A-to-Z, and are a necessity for brides who either don’t have the time or don’t have the vision.  Day-of Coordinators provide a vital support system for the plan-it-yourself bride during those stressful weeks leading up to and including their wedding day.  But there is a 3rd option.  When needed, combine a day-of coordinator with a designer to insure that the logistical and design elements are both well covered.

Why are Day-of Coordinators something different to the wedding industry? Are they a new option to the industry? What makes you unique to the industry?  

The advancement of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, blogs, and Pinterest has promoted plan-it-yourself brides and opened the door for Day-of Coordinators.  But don’t let the name fool you.  A great day-of coordinator will work on your behalf for weeks and months prior to your wedding day.  My brides have complete access to me from the day we sign a contract.  What makes me unique?  I care . . .really care . . . about my clients.  They become family and I  share their vision.

Courtney - smile

Recently married, Courtney, with her now husband, was a bride that Kristen worked with, photo by Ellen Golden Photography

How does your business work? What are some of the things that you do as a Day-of Coordinator?  

A better description for what I do is “coordination for the day of the wedding.”  It begins with a comprehensive consultation and then we work together towards the bride’s vision.  On the actual wedding day, I manage the event start to finish allowing the bride, groom, and their families to enjoy it while knowing that their carefully laid plans will come to fruition.   In addition to working with vendors and bridal parties, I’ve been known to fix broken bustles, play nurse to the sick, help dad’s write their speech, play taxi driver, escort out party crashers, stop traffic for photos, unclog toilets, and once even broke up a fight without it ever affecting the couple.   Being a day of coordinator requires a “whatever it takes” attitude.

Describe your style:

I work like I live – upbeat and positive about everything.  I embrace the idea that there is a solution for every challenge!

Kristen & Natalia

Kristen, with her daughter Natalia, on her wedding day, photo by Melissa Schollaert Photography

What do you enjoy most about being a Day-Of Coordinator?  

I love my brides.  They are absolutely my driving force and I want to be their voice in what can be an overwhelming process.   I know I’ve done a great job when the groom tells me, “Thanks for taking care of my wife.  I don’t know what we would have done without you!”

What is the best piece of advice you give to your brides?

I tell all my brides this: “You can have a party any day of the week, but you only get married to this man one time.  Spend adequate thought, time, and energy on the ceremony because that’s why you’re planning this day.  Make it memorable!”

What has been your favorite wedding or aspect of a wedding you have ever done?

Oh my goodness!  I love them all.  But recently, a couple planned their introduction to the music of a drum line.  They crowd went wild!

Tell us about a recent couple or bride that you have worked with!

I’m working with a mother and her two daughters who are getting married within 3 months of one another.  As they began the 2-wedding process they made a “pinky promise” to not get mad or fight during the course of planning.  The first wedding is almost here and everyone is having a good time!


Kristen at her most recent event, the Athens NotWedding, photo from the NotWedding

What is your favorite part of being a wedding vendor in Athens, GA?

Athens has the most unique vibe inherent to the classic city.  It’s a classic southern charm infused with a distinctive hip style.  Working in Athens can be very invigorating!

What is your favorite wedding trend currently for Athens, GA?

I do see a general industry trend towards more elegant, elevated fashion and design choices. Yet, I strongly encourage couples to put their personal stamp on their day regardless of the current trend. 

Why should brides choose you to coordinate their wedding?

I offer brides peace of mind and I bring a calmness to the most important day of their life.  They deserve a wedding free of stress and worry and I make that happen. Interested in Kristen’s services for your wedding day or know a bride that might need a hand? Head on over to Kristen’s website or her Facebook page for more information.


This interview was done by Brittany Lynch. “Britt” is a junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Public Relations. She loves writing, enjoying Southern food, and is all about investing in new experiences. And, of course, she loves weddings. You can check out her personal blog here.

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