Photo by Natalie Save the Date Card on Marjorie B. Davis

Save the Date

How to make the best first impression that will get your guests excited!


Anyone you would like to see at your wedding! As soon as people get a Save the Date card, they start looking into making plans. If you don’t want to send someone an invitation: don’t send a save the date!


What exactly do you put on a Save the Date card? You should put any information you have at the time.

  • Name of the couple
  • Name of the location
  • The date of the wedding
  • URL to you wedding website (if you’re planning on making one)

Most people will also include “Invitation to follow” or something along those lines.


As soon as you set the date for your wedding you should make your cards and send them out! People send them out as early as 10 months prior so that their guests can plan and save accordingly. If you’re planning a destination wedding, you might even consider sending them out a little over a year in advance!

You should think of your Save the Date cards as your guests first look into what the rest of the wedding will be like. They should be unique to your personal style. If you’re not quite sure what that looks like there are millions of ideas out there for you to get inspiration from.

Pinterest is the perfect go to site for all your inspiration needs. As I talked about in a recent post, “Pinterest Brides,” if you’re feeling overwhelmed and completely unsure what to do, making a pinterest board to gather your ideas is the perfect solution. 

Some things to consider:

  • Consider using a color scheme cohesive to the location and date of your wedding: You don’t want to be mixing reds and purples to announce your wedding- unless those will be colors featured in your ceremony, which is a rare casenerio. Tan and white detailing with black font is a very popular theme. The black contrasts against the card making your announcement stand out. A beach wedding announcement could include a nice seafoam green tone.
  • Use an engagement photo!
Design by Olivia Raufman
  • Refrigerator magnet: This is SUCH a cute idea to consider! It is 99.9% likely that the people receiving your announcement will hang it on their fridge, so you can save them the trouble of finding a spare magnet and make the announcement a magnet itself!
Design by Paper Studio by Christina

Make it fun! Like I said, your announcement should be unique to you. Here’s some ideas:

  • Photo Booth Layout
Photo by Raya Carlisle
  • Adding in your animals if you have them- some people will do a photoshoot where their date is hanging on signs on their dogs!
Photo by LizzieandCompany
  • Vellum invitations
Photo by Blanchepaperie
  • Simple, sweet, and modern
Photo by Natalie Save the Date Card on Marjorie B. Davis

The options are limitless. The only hindrance you may come across is pricing. If you’re wanting to order cards that are individually wrapped in ribbon, that are made of a nice material (vellum), and especially something like the magnets, the cost will get a little high. Remember that a save the date is just the first step, you might consider putting a little more money into your actual invitations! Ultimately, your save-the-date is to let people know that “Yes! This is happening!” but an invitation and formal RSVP will follow.

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