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When planning your big day, there are many moving parts that go into creating the perfect wedding. One important factor when planning your reception is finding a great cocktail to serve as your guests enter the party. It’s easy to choose a crowd favorite cocktail like a Moscow Mule or a mojito, but it can be a lot more fun and personalized choosing a cocktail specific to your wedding season. Each of the cocktails below is perfectly created to bring about the best  atmosphere for your wedding whether it’s during spring, summer, fall, or winter.


Bourbon Apple Cider Thyme Punch

Photo by Caitlin Bensel, Recipe by Southern Living

Nothing says “welcome to the South” like Bourbon, and if you love bourbon this is the perfect drink for you. This recipe is great for a crisp fall cocktail that is sure to please every guest at the wedding. Adding apple cider to the mix with bourbon and thyme, guests will be welcomed into your reception with autumn atmosphere all around. Throw on an apple slice and a sprig of thyme as a garnish, and you have the perfect fall cocktail!

Southern Apple Pie Sangria

Photo and Recipe by Go Epicurista

For an autumn cocktail that is a little lighter, try a delicious apple pie sangria. Apple pie is known everywhere as a southern dessert staple, so incorporating it into your wedding cocktail is a perfect southern touch. Sangria is a great cocktail to welcome your guests into the reception due to its refreshing and delicious taste. The apple flavor is a perfect way to add fall flair to your reception and create a cozy atmosphere. Add glassware to match the style of your wedding and a garnish to complete your creation and you have a great southern cocktail to serve on your big day!

Vanilla Pear Rum Cocktail

Photo and Recipe by Brit + Co

The pear is one staple fall fruit that can be easily forgotten, but forgetting this sweet stapl  is a big mistake! This vanilla pear rum cocktail takes a basic drink and adds a twist to create something uniquely delicious. This cocktail is the essence of fall and would be a great choice for your autumn wedding.


Mulled Cider with Clove Oranges

Photo and Recipe by Brit + Co

This cocktail is made of apple and  orange paired with bold spices to make  the perfect combination. This drink is so festive and easily warms anyone up during a cold winter day. Serve these delicious cocktails at your wedding reception to warm up the hearts of every guest!

Boozy Hot Chocolate

Photo and Recipe by Martha Stewart Weddings

This boozy hot chocolate is the perfect adult upgrade on a warm winter treat. This would be a great drink to serve as a nightcap at the end of the reception before guests head out into the cold and back to their homes or hotel rooms. You can even spice up this recipe with a shot of espresso to create a “dirty” boozy hot chocolate or set up a hot chocolate bar for guests to add toppings like chocolate chips, marshmallows, or whipped cream. You can also include regular hot chocolate if you have any kids at your wedding. 

Very Merry Bourbon Alexander

Photo by Coady Photography, Recipe by Town & Country

There is no better time to serve a rich and creamy cocktail than at a winter wedding, and this is the perfect cocktail for you! This recipe includes a delicious mix of ingredients such as bourbon, creme de cocoa, half and half, and egg white, making it a slightly complicated cocktail, but totally worth it. Complete these cocktails with a rosemary and cranberry garnish and you will have your guests raving all night!.


Clementine Bourbon Slush

Photo by Bourbon and Honey, Recipe by Domino

A cool clementine bourbon slush is perfect to welcome in the warmth of spring at your wedding.  This is a fun spin on a bourbon orange cocktail and is sure to please your guests. Choose this frozen cocktail for a crowd favorite at your reception!

Sweet Tea Mint Julep

Photo and Recipe by Southern Kitchen

Sweet tea is THE drink of the south and is loved by all! This sweet tea mint julep is just as refreshing as it sounds and is the perfect cocktail for a spring wedding. A few mint leaves on top will deliver a beautiful garnish and a fresh taste to this delicious cocktail.

Gin and Coconut Water Cocktail

Photo by Hector Sanchez, Recipe by Coastal Living

For a spring cocktail that is delicious and hydrating, choose this gin and coconut water cocktail. It is the perfect cocktail for your post-ceremony festivities at your spring wedding. Mint adds a fresh taste to this  cocktail and it’s an easy, yet sophistacted garnish. Guests will love cooling off with this refreshing treat!


Grown-up Frozen Lemonade

Photo by Jennifer Davick, Recipe by Coastal Living

It may seem impossible to stay cool during a southern summer, but that’s why we turn to frozen lemonade! This adult frozen lemonade is a delicious and refreshing beverage that is sure to cool down and refresh all of your wedding guests during a hot summer day. This drink will have everyone thinking back to their childhood memories of lemonade stands in the summer and they’ll be smiling all day.

Rose Chilton

Photo by Brit + Co, Recipe by Brit + Co via A Zesty Bite

This drink takes the classic southern cocktail and adds a fun twist with Rose Vodka. This creates a refreshing and simple cocktail that will please your guests and keep them cool on a hot summer day. This cocktail is great for a bride who wants to keep things classy and sophisticated. No one will be able to resist the floral aromas of this amazing wedding cocktail!

Summer Peach Cocktail

 Photo by Food Network, Recipe by Food Network via Johnathan Pogash

This refreshing summer cocktail is perfect to serve at any mid-summer wedding! This is also perfect for a classic southern wedding because, after all, what is more Southern than a fresh Georgia peach! This delicious peachy-hued cocktail is served on ice and chilled for your guests.  Pour into a tall wine glass, add a sprig of fresh time, a few slices of a fresh, juicy peach and get ready for an unforgettable wedding cocktail!

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