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There are so many aspects that go into planning a wedding that it can be hard to keep up with all the thoughts and ideas running around in your head. A great way to organize the inspiration for your wedding is with Pinterest! We love everything about Pinterest from its wide range of ideas to its easy organization! Pinterest is a great platform for sorting through your broader ideas and getting them narrowed down to create the wedding of your dreams before it actually happens. Whether you want one board or several, we’re here to help you figure out what to include, or at least where to start, on your wedding inspiration board!




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A huge part of figuring out your wedding is coming up with a color scheme. Pinterest shows so many options for different colors. You can find every shade in the book and figure out what works well together. Also, through looking at different color schemes, you can find some great design ideas for centerpieces, flowers, decorations, and more!



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Of course the venue is definitely something you should have picked out in advance so putting this on your inspo board soon is probably a good idea! You may not find the exact venue you’re looking for here, but you will get some great ideas of what your wedding could potentially look like. Pinterest can provide you with venue styles, locations, and even on site pictures a lot of the time! You can even get ideas for the types of photos you’d like to keep as memories of where your wedding took place.




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I’m honestly not sure if I know anyone without a DIY board on their Pinterest page; this is a must have! Having a DIY board specifically for your wedding can give you tons of amazing ideas for fun, creative projects that are beautiful and save you tons of money. That is what we like to call a win-win!




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Pinterest can make it a little difficult to choose the food you want at your wedding. With so many appetizing meals and desserts, you could feel desperate for it all! Don’t freak out: breathe. Eat a snack before setting up your food inspo board and then dig in. There’s so many great options for buffets, servings, desserts, and more that you’ll think you’re smelling it before you even call the caterer! If you’re looking to have family and friends cook, you can also find tons of recipes to make things simple for everyone.


Bridesmaids and Groomsmen


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The bridesmaids and groomsmen board is great for gathering ideas of what the men and women will wear as well as seeing great color patterns that pair nicely. You can also put ideas here of how to ask the bridesmaids to your wedding or how your partner can ask the groomsmen to the wedding. Adding ideas of gifts to give to them is great to put here, too! Just be sure not to share this board with them if you want to keep their gifts a surprise!




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The beauty board is where you’ll put your makeup, hair, jewelry, and nail ideas that pertain to what will make you beautiful on your wedding day. Go all out looking for ideas to choose which ones will suit you the best, and bring these ideas to your hairstylist and beauty consultant on your wedding day so they can make you look exactly how you want while walking down the aisle on your big day!


Dresses and Shoes


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I can imagine that you’ve probably already got these boards on your Pinterest. If not, go make them now! Figuring out which dress styles you like can be overwhelming if you don’t already have an idea before walking into a store to try some on. Build up this board with however many dress and shoe combinations you could possibly dream of, but try and save picking out the one until you get to the store. You don’t want to miss out on the happy tears and hugs when you’ve found your match!

Setting up and organizing your Pinterest can seem overwhelming at first. Begin with setting up these boards and go from there. Pinterest can be the platform that helps you make big decisions and you’ll have everything figured out and ready to go before you even know it! So get started, have fun, and remember, it’s never too early to start planning.
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