Most people’s memories of middle school usually aren’t especially fond ones, and most people certainly do not meet their future spouse in middle school. However, things were a little different for Thomas Conn and Caitlin Glasscock, who met in the late Mr. Eckwell’s class in seventh grade.

“My first memory of Thomas was when we were assigned to the same homeroom class in seventh grade,” said Caitlin. “We had all our main classes together that year. On the first day of class, he was acting really unhappy so our teacher took a giant, stuffed seal and put it on his desk trying to get a reaction out of him. He was rather unamused and didn’t even smile so our teacher gave up on trying to make him laugh. The entire class still talked the entire year about how he wouldn’t smile for the stuffed seal on the first day. He was a pretty grumpy seventh grader.”


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From there, Caitlin and Thomas continued to see each other at school. They began officially dating in the summer of 2012 before their senior year, and both attended the University of Georgia. Caitlin majored in advertising with a New Media Studies certificate, and joined Delta Gamma and advertising clubs, while Thomas majored in finance and participated in the Arnold Air Society and the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity. Even with their busy schedules, they made time for tailgates, Creature Comforts, sorority date nights and formals together.

In their time at UGA, their favorite activity was hanging out on North campus. In particular, one memory stands out: “We had a friend who wanted to take photos of us together at twilight and we were by the fountain,” said Caitlin. “Once the sun set, it was really cool to be in pitch black darkness with the fountain lighting up. We spent so much time in the fountain running through it and splashing our friend. I’m surprised we didn’t get yelled at or kicked out.”

After years together, a proposal was something that Caitlin and Thomas had talked about. Still, it came as a surprise when it eventually happened during their senior year spring break in Hawaii.  “When we were on Mauna Kea he asked me to hike up this one section to watch the sunset,” said Caitlin. “I didn’t realize he was about to propose then. I actually complained and tried to get out of hiking. When we were finally at the top of the mountain above the clouds, it was such a perfect moment. It sounds so cliche but it was the most beautiful moment and when we were in that moment I knew he was going to propose simply because it was so perfect.”

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Photo courtesy of The Knot.

Caitlin and Thomas are getting married on April 14th, 2018 Athens, Georgia. “We chose Athens specifically because the city and the University of Georgia mean so much to both of us,” said Caitlin. “We both graduated from UGA and we have so many great memories and experiences associated with the city. Athens is where we really grew as a couple.”

The couple specifically chose the Botanical Garden because “We used to go for runs and walks there often,” said Caitlin. “We would always stop by the chapel and try to look in the windows because we thought it was so beautiful.”


Photo courtesy of The Knot.

It is sure to be a beautiful day to remember. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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