Photo by wedding photographer Blane Marable.
What in the world is a groom’s cake and why do I need one?

This is a question many brides ask. And the answer is different for each one! Over the years having a special cake just for the groom has become a popular wedding trend, especially in the south. It gives the groom something unique that can represent his personality and interests while offering something else for guests to “ooh” and “ahh” at. 

When it comes to deciding if this is a necessary part of your wedding, there are two main things to look at… 

The first thing to consider is your budget. If you are on a tight budget for your wedding then no, it is absolutely not necessary to have a groom’s cake. Most men are not particularly passionate about having their own dessert and won’t be upset if they don’t get this cake they likely didn’t even know they might want in the first place. 

On the other hand, if the expense of the groom’s cake (which typically starts at around $250 and can go up from there) is not problematic, then this cake can be a great way to showcase a fun side of the groom. These cakes do not have to be on theme with the rest of the wedding and are a great opportunity to get creative and highlight something that is important to the groom. There are so many different ways to run with it, so  below we have listed a few ideas. 

The other thing to look at is the size of your wedding. If you have a small guest list then it is definitely not necessary to have two cakes. If you do have a lot of people attending your reception however; this can be a great way to both feed more people and offer a different flavor option for those who might not love your primary cake. It can be a great way to settle disagreements about the cake when planning the wedding as well. 

Having a groom’s cake can be a fun way to bring some creativity to your wedding. Many brides choose to surprise the groom with the cake and choose the theme and flavors themselves. Others decide to serve it at the rehearsal dinner as a way to balance the cost or bring more attention to it. Some people even box it up and send it with the guests as favors. There are so many different ways to incorporate a groom’s cake into your wedding weekend!


Ideas for Groom’s Cake 

Alma Mater. One of the most popular themes and a favorite of many grooms!

Photo by wedding photographer Blane Marable.

Sports Team. A great way to showcase the groom’s favorite NFL, MBA, or NHL team!

Photo by Fresh Baked. 

Favorite Hobby. Some common themes include fishing, hunting, and golfing.  

Photo by wedding photographer Blane Marable.

Pet. A man’s best friend is a hit with the groom and the guests.

Photo by Sherrie’s Cake Magic. 

Liquor. A great way to bring some masculinity to a day primarily focused on the bride and her wishes. 

Photo by Sugar Bee Sweets

Whatever you decide, this cake will not make or break your entire wedding, so do whatever feels right for your personality, budget, and guest list! Good luck! 

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