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One of the best parts of having a wedding (besides marrying the person you love) is all the gorgeous, Instagram and Pinterest worthy photos! A great way to get more content and save you time on your wedding day is by scheduling a bridal portrait session. A lot of people aren’t aware of these sessions, or write them off as “too extra”. However, bridal photo sessions can be really useful and help alleviate some of the stress you are feeling before your big day. Take a look at the tips below to see if a bridal session is right for you!

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What is a Bridal Photo Session 

A bridal photo session usually happens about a month before your wedding. Usually, you have your wedding photographer come and take photos of you completely decked out in your altered dress, with mock-makeup and possibly your mock-flowers. The photos and posing can be more artsy/creative, adding variety to your wedding photos. Shoots like these are traditional in the South, and many times the photos are displayed at the wedding. 

 Photo By Corrina Walker

Take Advantage of the Trial Runs 

Having a bridal portrait session is a great way to take advantage of your mock-wedding day makeup and hairstyles. If you’re going to get all dolled-up anyways, you may as well go take some great photos! Have your stylist do your hair and makeup, work out any kinks, and then go to your photo session to see how it looks with the rest of your ensemble. You can also get a mockup of your bouquet to use in the shoot. Doing this can help you ensure that the flowers are exactly what you want and not waste the mockup. All of this will not only reassure you of the final look but will also get you some beautiful pictures in the process. 

 Photo By Corrina Walker


Getting comfortable in front of the camera can be really challenging for some people. Even with your photographer instructing you, it can take time before you realize you don’t look as awkward as you may feel. Bridal photo sessions allow you time to understand your poses and become comfortable with them. You can see the results and immediately talk with your photographer about how to fix them. You also get to know what poses best compliment your ensemble. All of this will help you figure out the best ways to slay in your wedding photos. 

Photo by Emily Katherine

Relationship with Photographer

Another thing that bridal photo sessions offer is a chance for you to connect with your photographer before the big day. If you don’t already know them, establishing a good relationship is vital to making sure your vision comes to life in their photos. Wedding photos are a visual story of your relationship with your spouse, and getting comfortable with your photographer can help them better understand your relationship. Share some cute and romantic stories and talk about what you’re most looking forward to in your marriage. All of this will help you feel more comfortable with your photographer and help them capture your personality in the photos.

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Saves Time

I think one of the best things about these sessions is  that it will save you a lot of time on your wedding day. Of course, you’ll still get some solo photos on the big day, but use this time to get all your bridal detail shots. This way you can make sure you get all the shots you want to have, and then not have to worry about them on your big day. In the end, this can save a ton of time and stress on your wedding day, and you can focus on getting ready and having fun. 

Bridal photo sessions are fun and super useful. Opting to include the sessions can really benefit you in the end. They help you prep for the big day and feel more confident about your ensemble, while also saving you time and making you more comfortable with the process. The amazing photos are really just icing on the cake! (;  


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