Choosing between having a small or large wedding for you Athens, Georgia wedding is sometimes a difficult decision. There are many benefits of both, but we want to help you choose which one is perfect for you.

Benefits of Small Weddings

  1. Small weddings can can cost less.

This most obvious advantage of having a small wedding is that they can cost less. With planning a smaller wedding, you can invite less people. Having less people at the wedding means having smaller quantities of everything – which can save you big bucks!

  1. It is easier to spend more quality time with people.

By inviting less people to the wedding it will be easier to spend more quality time with everyone on the big day. Instead of having to nudge through crowds of people to get to who you really want to talk to, you will be able to hug and love on everyone! This will make your wedding have a much more intimate feel.


Photo by Blane Marable Photography 

  1. You have more room in your budget.

At a smaller wedding you will have a smaller amount of guests. This you give you more room in the budget to make parts of your wedding better and bigger! For example, you save money on paying for a large number of people’s dinner. By doing so, you can splurge on the dinners and have better quality meals for your smaller number of guests.

  1. Small weddings can be less stressful to plan.

By having a small wedding, you won’t have to deal with accounting for hundreds of guests. In small weddings, it is easier to deal with invitations, RSVPs and other important logistics of the wedding. Less worrying about large details means less stress for the bride!

  1. You have more options when choosing a venue.

With fewer number of people to host, the venue is easier to choose. You do not have to limit your venue options to places that are huge because your number of guests could fit anywhere. There is no need to worry about having enough room to host all of your guests!


Photo by Blane Marable Photography 

Benefits of Large Weddings

  1. You don’t have to worry about who to invite.

By having a large wedding, you have the ability to invite as many people as you want. You do not have to worry about who to invite or people getting their feelings hurt for not being invited. Large weddings can save the awkwardness of being selective of who you invite and having to leave people out.  

  1. You can have your reception in beautiful big venues.

Large weddings are fun to plan because you get to choose big and fabulous venues. Big ballrooms make gorgeous places for receptions. It is exciting to decorate these places.


Photo by Blane Marable Photography 

  1. You can spend quality time with people you love at parties before.

If you are worried about not being able to spend quality time with your favorite people at your wedding, you will have plenty of time to love on these people at the parties before. You can spend quality time with these people at the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner.

  1. You get more gifts!

More people at the wedding means more gifts that you receive! Weddings gifts are fun and exciting to receive and many of the gifts are nice things that you will use forever.

  1. Large weddings have a fun atmosphere.

Large weddings make for a fun party. Guests at big weddings are energetic and are ready to boogie. The dance floor will be packed and your guests will be having the time of their lives. All guests will remember you wedding forever.


Photo from Photo by Blane Marable Photography 

No matter how big you want to make your wedding, you will have the best day. Both types of weddings offer many benefits and you can’t go wrong with either one.

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