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Just like seasons, wedding trends come and go. Whether you’re planning your own wedding or your best friend’s wedding, it’s always beneficial to be ahead of the game when it comes to trends. As spring brings on all sorts of new beginnings, there will be all kinds of new wedding ideas that will make a statement in the season’s wedding culture. After looking at past wedding trends and exploring other’s wedding collections and ideas, we can see the direction wedding trends are headed! I’ve compiled a list below of some of the most anticipated and exciting wedding trends to keep your eyes open for in Spring of 2020! 

1. Floral Wedding Gowns 

When taking a look at some of the most popular wedding dress designers’ new collections, floral seems to be the top trend for up and coming dresses. Floral designs are everywhere, from subtle little prints on a dress to 3D flowers overlaying the entire dress. Regardless of the style you choose, you can’t go wrong with this new dress trend that will be blooming this spring! 

Photo from Carolina Herrera 

2.Sage Green Color Palette 

Deciding on what color scheme to use in your wedding will be one of the first things you will probably do. In most cases, you’ll think about which colors will flow with the season and venue. This spring, we’re expecting to see the color sage green in weddings everywhere! From bridesmaids’ dresses, to the decor, to pops of sage on the wedding invitations, we believe this color is so versatile and will look simply amazing in your spring wedding! 

Photo by Wedding Photographer Hannah Nettles 

3. Simple Greenery 

Say goodbye to vibrant flowers and hello to simplicity! In today’s wedding culture, brides and grooms are going into their big day with a mindset that “less is more.” We are anticipating to see lots of greenery this spring included in the wedding flowers. Simple greenery goes with so many different wedding themes whether you want an elegant, rustic, or boho feel to your wedding. With this upcoming idea of “less color,” you might be worried about the decor being dull, but we can assure you this trend will be anything but boring! 

Photo by Be Light Photography 

4. Elegant Theme

Now don’t get me wrong, rustic themed weddings have been one of the greatest wedding trends of all time, but more and more brides are beginning to change it up! We are excited to see all of the new wedding themes, but one that will probably stand out among all the others is an elegant theme. You won’t regret going with a classy, delicate feel along with your neutral, earthy tones and it’s something that’s traditional, yet trendy that will look flawless without a doubt! 

Photo by E.J. Photos 

5. Gold Accent Colors 

Say hello to your new favorite accent color: gold! What goes better with all of the wedding decor than pops of shimmery gold scattered throughout your wedding? We’re excited to see hints of gold anywhere and everywhere including in the chairs, chargers and plates, ribbons and bows, groomsmen’s ties and bowties, bridesmaids’ jewelry, and the elegant decor! We know you and your guests will fall in love with this accent color!

Photo by Be Light Photography 

6. Using a Band Instead of a DJ 

When you think about a past wedding you’ve attended, what comes to mind first? For a lot of people, their fondest memories are on the dance floor at the reception because that’s where they get to socialize with all of their closest friends and celebrate the newlyweds. However, nothing is worse than a bad DJ. One of the things that’s on the rise is getting a band to play during your reception. Bands can be so fun because they are so personal and really get the crowd involved! Music can make or break a reception, and by booking the right band, you’ll have everyone remembering your wedding as the best ever! 

Photo by Wedding Photographer Lyndsey Cunningham

7. Bright Color Guest Attire 

When we think spring, we typically think bright, new, and fresh. After a cold winter, people tend to gravitate towards brighter colors in their wardrobe choices to warm things back up a little. That’s why we’re expecting to see lots of bright colors in the guest’s attire this spring. Plus, one always wants to stand out in a wedding crowd without outshining the bride of course!  

Photo by Photographer Hannah Miller 

I hope these few top trends will leave you feeling excited for the weddings you’ll be attending this upcoming spring season! With these things in mind, you’ll be ready to plan your wedding or know what to expect when raising a glass to your closest friends at their wedding this spring! Happy wedding planning! 


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