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As spring is nearing and the sunshine is coming out, spring weddings are approaching us. This year, different color trends are a popular must to incorporate into your spring wedding. Here are a few colors to consider for your Athens wedding.


If you are not looking for a bright color, use this light, baby blue. This blue is a very popular color for a Spring 2018 wedding,  especially these hydrangea flowers. You can use this blue with a lot of different color combinations and arrange them in many of ways.

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Try pairing your baby blue with this pale pink. The pink can help incorporate a brighter color in your wedding if that is the look you are going for. It can grab people’s attention in a subtle way. This pale pink is all the craze right now for your Athens, Georgia spring wedding.


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Pick your favorite color, and pair it with a simple white color. The splash of color next to a simple white flower is creating buzz for Spring 2018 weddings.The bright color can give you a simple pop of color when surrounded by white flowers.

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Neutral, pale colors are big for spring this year. A simple white, cream, and tan color scheme really shouts trendy for your spring Athens, Georgia wedding.You can use all different flowers in your arrangement for a beautiful bouquet.


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With spring flowers in full bloom, take advantage of this for your spring wedding. These fresh, new color trends can really make your wedding and photos pop. Your Athens, Georgia Wedding will be a hit with these spring 2018 color trends.


Image by Blane Marable Photography

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