Spring is the season known for its fresh flowers, warmer weather, and new beginnings. Many brides fancy the idea of having a spring wedding because of its romantic appeal. Spring weddings in fact have many new trends brides can choose from. Trends include, the color of your bridesmaid dress, having a more simple and intimate wedding venue, an Alfresco reception, choosing a naked wedding cake, as well as having a freshly picked bouquet. 

Colors during the spring season tend to consist of those that are more soft and pale. Choosing a bridesmaid dress is an essential step when planning your wedding. The dresses your bridesmaids will be wearing while standing next to you at the altar tie your wedding colors together. Your bridesmaids can wear different colors, but it is important to stay in the same color family, so nuedes, pastells, or any color you see fit during your spring wedding.

  Photo by: Katelyn MacMillan

During a spring wedding many brides have been known to have a smaller, more intimate wedding. Larger families can make this difficult because you know that you cannot invite one without the other. With that being said, rather than debating for hours who you can and cannot invite, an option can be having just your immediate family with your closest friends at your wedding. Then after the wedding, invite everyone including those not at your wedding ceremony to a large reception party afterwards.

Photo by: Keenan Barber

An alfresco reception tends to be a BIG trend one can see at many spring weddings. Having a magnificent tent outside, lit with string lights from side to side, various tables scattered throughout the room with beautifully decorated floral centerpieces, an open bar, a buffet table, and to top it off a dance floor and DJ would allow you and your guests to join in the ultimate celebration. 

Photo by: Laura Gordon

Naked Wedding cakes are taking over the wedding scene with their VERY simple, and yet beautiful designs. Sticking with that wedding diet, a naked cake is without the thick fondant and decadent buttercream icing. Instead it is a cake where you can fully see the different flavors with every layer, and may or may not be lightly coated with icing. The cake is then decorated with an arrangement of beautiful flowers to give it that perfect spring presentation. These cakes may go against tradition, but they are equally delicious and quite beautiful with their simplicity.

Photo by: Lanty

Of course spring is known as the new beginning for many flowers. A spring wedding is the perfect time to incorporate a variety of as many flowers as possible to give it that spring touch. Of course, without attracting the whole hive of bumble bees. For your bouquet a simple arrangement of fresh wildflowers would be perfect to carry as you walk down the aisle on your special day. 

Photo by: Wedding Photography 

Spring brings love, romance, and all of the fairytale wedding dreams to life. Simplicity in colors, venues, cakes, and a bouquet, a spring wedding can be truly exquisite. With everything happening in the world during this spring season, it is important to remain healthy, plan accordingly, and most importantly love those closest to you, of course from a distance. Hopefully these wedding trends will help you when planning your perfect spring wedding in the coming year!

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