As a college student who constantly feels like I’m drowning while trying to balance school, work and a social life it was hard for me to imagine what it would be like to plan a wedding in the midst of it all! While it may seem nearly impossible, it has been done! Being in school doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of the details for your special day. After talking with two extremely helpful ladies, Rachel and Claire, I’ve created a list of tips to help those who are planning their wedding day while still in school!

About Rachel:


Photo by Nicole Langston Photography

Rachel and her fiance are both students at the University of Georgia- Go Dawgs! They met when Rachel, an English major, was a junior and David, a History major, was a freshman, and they dated for three years. On April 16th they went on a hiking trip to Minihana Falls, and when she thought he was simply grabbing a water bottle out of their book bag he was actually grabbing her grandmother’s engagement ring. She turned around, and he was on one knee proposing! All of her family was there, taking pictures of the special moment. How sweet!

17858946_1428580463860952_1691045567_oThe proposal!

Their wedding is planned for May 13 of this year, which gave Rachel a year a month to plan it all while still in school.

Here’s Rachel’s advice:

1. “Be proactive. Finals will sneak up on. Papers and tests will sneak up on you. If you can get things done early you can do both no problem!”

2. “Don’t get discouraged by the people who tell you it’s a bad idea. I can’t tell you how many times I have been looked at like I had three heads for planning a wedding in school. For us it just made sense. You have to do you!“Don’t forget to relax.

3. “Everything will fall into place and don’t worry!”

What’s one thing that was a lot easier than expected?

“We are having our wedding at the church we attend, a friend is taking the photographs, our wedding cake is being made by a local baker who I just fell into contact with. It’s been smooth sailing on that front.”


About Claire:

Claire and her husband Matt met while in college. She was a junior majoring in Birth to Kindergarten, and he was a second year senior getting a bachelor degree in Music. Matt proposed March 2008 in New York City at Yankee Stadium using the jumbotron (seriously adorable!).


When he proposed, Matt had just started his graduate program while Claire was starting her final year in undergrad. Both Claire and Matt graduated and then got married just 12 days later (what!), and here’s how she did it:

1. “Use people that your friends and family have used so that some of the stress of making sure they are trustworthy is gone. Plus you might get a discount for being referred!”

2. “When making big decisions (like a wedding dress), only take a few trustworthy people who won’t take away from it being your big day. People whose opinion you trust and will make the process meaningful and fun!”

3. “Work as a team and speak up for what you want/don’t want for your big day.”

Claire also noted that if possible, an all-inclusive honeymoon was the way to go! Claire and Matt went to Jamaica after they said “I do”, and all they had to carry with them the entire time was their room key. It helped take a lot of stress off of the planning process, as once the location was decided there was nothing left to worry about!


Photo from Athens Cotton Press

After talking to Rachel and Claire, I found that having connections is also a huge plus when trying to plan your wedding while still in school. It can take a lot of time trying to get a feel for who has the best catering or where the most affordable venue in town is. But for those who may not have a lot of connections here in Athens, Weddings in Athens is able to help you out! Be sure to browse blog posts like this or this from our site to get the inside look at the many vendors and venues around The Classic City for you to pick from for your special day!


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