Photography by Blane Marable

Let’s be honest here, people. The ceremony, first dance and toasts are cute and all, but the cake is what a wedding is all about! Okay, so that might have been slightly sarcastic, but having a great wedding cake is very important. Choosing a cake can be very difficult, especially now that “wedding cakes” range from delicious doughnuts to stacks of cupcakes…the options are limitless!


Photography by Taylor Heery Griffith

You’re funky. You don’t want your guests to think that your wedding is just another date on the calendar. The traditional wedding cakes bore you, but you don’t know what cake to choose. Doughnuts, cookies and brownies oh my! Create a cake your guests do(ugh)nut want to miss. Pick a couple of different flavors and stack them on a tiered cake stand. There are so many different flavors of doughnuts that will allow your guests to have many options. Cookies are a fan favorite for all ages, and it could also be a great way to save a couple bucks! Your grandmother might just have a recipe that will have your guests savoring the crumbs. There is a new fad that might excite your guests even more than grandma’s cookies. How about a cookie dough bar? Create a small cookie cake, so you and your hubby will have something to cut into but also offer an array of raw cookie dough recipes. Chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal and snickerdoodle egg-less batter that can be scooped out is a raw idea that you and your guests will love!

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Photography by Blane Marable


Maybe you’re more of the traditional type but cannot seem to make a decision. You’ve gone from tasting to tasting and fell in love with every bite, so which do you choose? It’s simple- choose each cake…okay maybe not every cake, but I know you can narrow your taste buds down to at least five. The traditional look can still be accomplished by making every tier a different flavor. Inform the guests of the many options they have, and maybe they’ll just have to come back for seconds. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, then create a cake table. This idea allows you to have cakes that range from cheesecakes all the way to double dark chocolate smothered in ganache. Lay out the varying cakes and place little labels, so your guests know what they are about to indulge in!

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Photography by Taylor Heery Griffith

You know exactly what you want. I mean you’ve had the flavor and frosting picked out for years, but you just can’t put your fork on the style of cake your wedding needs. If you aren’t much of a frosting girl, and your venue is semi-formal go for the nearly naked cakes! The nearly naked cake is gorgeous with floral accents, and you can use the same flowers from your bouquet to tie the wedding together. The cake really adds to any rustic, outdoor and casual wedding just like it’s another decoration. Another cake style that would play into this theme is the ruffled frosting. The ruffled frosting gives the cake character.

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Photography by Blane Marable


Lastly, you are as traditional as it gets. You want your cake to be uniform, pristine and classic! For the body, go for the three to-four-tier round cake. This style is timeless. Have the baker create a simple but elegant cake with neutral frosting and detailed piping. The cake will not only be exactly what you wanted, but it will also be an art piece that your guests will be in awe over.

Follow my advice, and you’ll have all your  guest’s mouths watering for more. Remember that your cake is apart of your wedding, but it is also another opportunity to display you and your new spouse’s personality. As long as the two of you love it, I’m sure everyone else will think, “this cake…takes the cake!”

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Photography (on the left)  by Blane Marable   Photography (on the right) by Taylor Heery Griffith

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