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You are continuously on the search to find unique ways to personalize your special day right down to the dessert. Food is a great way to express your personality and bring your all time favorite dessert to an essential part of your wedding. There are endless options for a creative, tasty, and delightful alternative to choose from when it comes to dishing out something unique at your wedding besides the traditional cake. Ditch the wedding cake and switch it up by trying out any of the alternatives we have suggested below.


Cupcake Inspired Wedding Cake

Who doesn’t love gourmet cupcakes? If you want to have a fun and classic alternative to a traditional wedding cake, then the cupcake tower will be the icing on the (cup)cake. Enjoy all of the same tastes of a traditional wedding cake, but in small, individual cupcakes! Stacked in perfect tiers, it resembles all the same characteristics as a traditional wedding cake. You can even add a cake as a tier-topper if you still want the excitement of cutting the cake with your significant other.


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Donut Wedding Tower

Calling all donut lovers! From glazed to sprinkled to powder sugar, there are hundreds of donut flavors that you can customize to make into the ultimate wedding dessert for your special day. Create a donut tower of your favorite flavors and customized topper that will add the perfect touch to the dessert. Check out Zombies Donuts, located in downtown Athens, for special, one of a kind donuts to add to the donut tower. Choose from different toppings and donut flavors to make the best personalized wedding day dessert.


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All American Pies

You search to personalize every aspect of your wedding, so why not integrate your favorite pie dessert into your wedding? This is an all-American wedding cake alternative that will save you money if you have close connections to a great baker. Whether your grandma, best friend, or local bakery bakes it, incorporate your favorite homemade pie into your wedding to have a tasty and southern alternative to a traditional cake.


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Waffle Tower

All breakfast lovers will enjoy this delightful wedding cake alternative. One of our favorite dessert alternatives, the waffle tower, can be personalized with any of your favorite toppings and drizzles. This dessert is perfect for any season, so decorate the waffle tower with any fresh seasonal berries, homemade whipped cream, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. This is the best wedding dessert alternative to satisfy any sweet tooth.


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Even if you are searching to have a traditional wedding, take a twist on your wedding cake with one of these fun wedding dessert alternatives. With so many options to choose from, you can be sure you will have the best dessert on your wedding day.



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