Wedding invitations play a key role when planning your special day. These invitations provide your guests with crucial information regarding the date, the time, location, as well as the dress-code for your wedding. When formatting your invitations there is a guideline in which one should follow to ensure proper etiquette is upheld. These four tips will benefit one greatly when writing the invitation, so that guests are given the information in ampel time to readily prepare to celebrate you on the big day. 

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First and foremost it is important to send your invitations in a timely fashion. Six to eight weeks is the recommended time frame for them to be sent out. This will allow your guests enough time to arrange their schedules and will accommodate the guests who may have to travel. Of course, if you are planning to have a destination wedding it is important to give your guests even more time to plan so that they can arrange flights as well as book a hotel. The recommended time frame to send out an invitation for a destination wedding would be a three months notice.

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Of course after sending out your wedding invitation it is important to know how many guests will be in attendance. This is where the RSVPs come into play. The date for your RSVPs should be around two to three weeks before the day of the wedding. Having a head count is vital so that the caterer and wedding planner know how much food to prepare and how many seats will be needed. There will always be people who wait until the last possible moment to notify you that they are either coming or not. It is definitely okay to give those who have not sent their RSVPs by the deadline a call. 

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If you want your wedding to be adults only it is important to make that clear in the invitation by addressing the guests by their names. If you were to receive RSVPs with your guests’ children included you are not in the wrong to call them and inform those that you are having adults only in attendance. If you feel uncomfortable in this type of situation, hire a babysitter for the evening.

It is important that your guests are informed as to what the dress code will be at one’s wedding. On the invitation you can include that information in the lower right hand corner or on a reception card. If your guests want further and more detailed information regarding the attire steer them towards the wedding website. 

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Your wedding day is a day to celebrate the new and exciting adventure you are entering into with the partner you have chosen to love unconditionally for the rest of your life. It wouldn’t be a celebration without your closests friends and family to take part in this new beginning. Your invitation may be a single piece of paper, but it plays a key role to alert those valued individuals in both you and your significant other lives that you want them to partake in the most special day of your life. 

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