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The Cost of It All: The Average Cost of A Wedding

The cost of a wedding can feel overwhelming,  so how much does it really cost? There are so many different pieces that go into planning a wedding, and those add up fast. Every couple wants the perfect wedding and creating that can be costly. 

The Average Cost

The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $33,900, while most couples in Georgia end up spending an average of $30,900 on their big day. 


Here is a breakdown of the average wedding costs according to Wedding Wire:

Venue: $10,500

Engagement rings: $5,900

Honeymoon: $5,000

Band: $3,700

Photography: $2,400

Alcohol/liquor: $2,300

Wedding rings: $2,200

Flowers: $2,000

Rehearsal dinner: $1,900

Videography: $1,800

Wedding Dress: $1,600

Wedding Planner: $1,500

Lighting and decor: $1,500

DJ: $1,200

Guest entertainment: $1,000

Transportation: $800

Invitations/stationary: $560

Cake/desserts: $500

Wedding musicians: $450

Favors and gifts: $300

Jewelry: $200

Officiant: $250

Groomsmen attire (each): $180

Bridesmaid dress (each): $140

Hair Stylist: $110

Makeup artists: $100

Catering (per head): $70

These costs can vary depending on where the wedding is taking place, how many guests there will be and based on the couple’s individual tastes. Don’t take any of these average costs at face value though, many costs can vary greatly. Venues can be as little as $2,000 or even as much as $74,000 depending on the type of venue.

More goes into the cost than the type of flower you pick, wedding costs are also dependent on whether the couple chooses a destination wedding, which can average $32,000, while local weddings come in at $5,000 or less. Second marriages are cheaper, coming in at about half the cost of a first wedding. Even age is a factor with Millenials spending $10,000 more than Gen X.

The Median

The median cost of a wedding is only $14,399, so what does that mean? Even though most couples are only spending around $15,000 on their weddings, there are a few couples out there spending upwards of $100,000 on their weddings which skews the average making it not reflect how most people spend. The median cost is more representative of what a typical couple spends on their wedding. While the median cost is not as widely available it is easy to see there is a large discrepancy between the two.

Wedding Insurance

If 2020 has taught us one thing about weddings, it’s that wedding insurance is an important addition to a wedding budget. Depending on your ceremony and other factors insurance could cost anywhere between $155 and $550 so be prepared to investigate multiple options to protect your wedding. 


If you are looking for a budget option one smart way to lower wedding costs is with a mini-mony. With COVID changing wedding plans in 2020 many people switched to mini-mony which only cost an average of $1,400 and usually includes about ten people.

No matter what choices you make when planning your wedding, be prepared to spend several thousand dollars and budget carefully as many couples tend to raise their budgets throughout the planning process.

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