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After all the hype, well wishes, and overall excitement over the proposal, it is likely your mind will immediately start racing on so many other aspects pertaining to the wedding of your dreams. What will my dress look like? Should I serve chicken or steak? I wonder if cousin so-and-so will behave? How many people will attend? Coming in at the top of most people’s list; where will I have my wedding?!

Most people may already have an idea of the type of setting they want to be married in, but at the same token, a common debate is whether getting married in a church or another venue is the right choice for them. Let me start by saying there is no right or wrong answer! There are an infinite number of places to get married, and for that reason, where to get married is such a stressful question for a future bride and groom. For those that grew up with a religious background, getting married in a church may seem like the only option, especially when you are receiving outside pressures from family members and such. It might even be the case that your groom’s family is highly religious, and you are trying to appease them. I encourage you to remember this is your wedding, but if you are going back and forth about where to get married, here are some tips on how to choose what location is best for you!


  1. OPINIONS…Get Rid of Them

Rid your mind of the opinions of everyone else, except that of you and your fiance. After all, it is you two who are getting married. You don’t want to look back at one of the biggest and most important days of your life, thinking about what could have been or even worse, having ill-feelings towards those that may have pressured you into going against your desires. (3)

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2. Are you BOTH religious?

If you two are both religious and desire a church wedding, deciding which church denomination to be married under can strike just as much problems as church vs. non-church weddings. If this is the case, consider looking at other venues other than churches. (4)

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3. The Great Compromise!

You are going to have to do it for the rest of your marriage, so why not start now? If one soon-to-be-spouse, or even family member truly desires a church wedding or religious ceremony, consider a “church-style wedding.” A wedding doesn’t necessarily have to be held in a church in order to be religious. Take a look at the idea of having a non-church venue wedding and bringing your pastor along, or even a beach wedding that still incorporates the religious traditions that you want to include. (2)

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4. The Reception

If a church wedding is truly non-negotiable, allow your personalities to show at your reception. Your reception can be held literally anywhere, and the things that you may not have been able to include in your ceremony can certainly be in place at your reception. The reception is the most fun part of the wedding anyway! You can truly let your dreams fly here! (5)

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As this can be a stressful decision to make, stay calm and remember to not let it take away from your important day! If a church wedding is your preference, then make that happen! If it isn’t, explore the infinite options of where you can say “I do”. Whatever you do, make sure sure that it is truly the wedding that YOU desire!



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