Photo by Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable.

What is a First Look?

A first look is a rather new wedding tradition. It is a special time where the groom and bride or the bride and her father  have a private meeting with one another before the ceremony. This gives the bride a special, intimate moment with either her father or the  groom before walking down the aisle. This is a very emotional time that most capture in their wedding photos. The bride can choose to just do a first look with her father or just the groom, or better yet, why not both?

Photo by Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable.

The Groom and Bride’s First Look

This moment is where the bride and groom see each other for the first time before meeting at the altar. The first look usually takes place in a private area of the venue away from the bridal party and guests to create an intimate moment for them to share. The groom awaits facing the opposite direction while the bride approaches him from afar. This is a special moment for the bride and groom to get out all their wedding jitters and to simply remind one another of the love they have for each other.

Photo by Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable.

The Father and Bride’s First Look

The father and bride’s first look is a very special moment shared between the bride and her father prior to the wedding ceremony. This is the moment  where the bride and father see each other for the first time on the wedding day. It is also set apart in a private area away from everyone to capture the emotional bond shared between a father and his daughter in peace. This special moment allows the father to share a few minutes with his daughter before he gives her away and reminds the bride how much she is loved by her family as well as her groom.

Photo by Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable.

Prior to Giving the Bride Away

Giving the bride away is a very emotional moment during the wedding ceremony. The first look prior to giving the bride away is an even more emotional time for the father of the bride. The first look is so special because it not only captures a beautiful photo, but it also gives the father and his daughter time to cherish each other before she goes down the aisle to say “I Do.” Although she is a bride now, she will always remain her father’s little girl .

Photo by Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable.

Something New

So, break the old tradition of seeing your groom and father seconds before walking down the aisle. Be apart of the new tradition and have a first look. Have that intimate moment with your groom. Have that special moment with your father. Capture the most cherishable photographs of your wedding. The first look is an evolving new tradition that has gained popularity over the past few years. Getting married is a big deal. Weddings are very important. First looks are special. So, make a first look tradition something new. 

Photo by wedding photographer Blane Marable.

Whether the first look be with the bride and her father or the bride and groom, it is a special moment shared between two special people in the bride’s life that should be cherished forever. 


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