Photo by Athens, GA Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

After the initial excitement of getting engaged, you go into full wedding planning mode. The list of things that need to be done are seemingly endless. As you get started on planning, you and your fiance decide on the typical things, such as your guest list, venue, and wedding party. Aside from that, one of the first things you decide on when planning your wedding is the time of day. This is an important decision as it will dictate how the entire day is planned. Aside from that, the time of day you choose to hold your ceremony and reception can set the tone for the entire wedding.



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Photo by Athens, GA Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

Morning weddings are by far the most difficult to pull off. However, they have their definite advantages. For example, a lot of desirable venues book a year out for afternoons and evenings. It may be easier for you to get that venue you have your heart set on if you chose to hold your ceremony in the morning. The natural light in the morning will make for beautiful photos. One of the definite disadvantages is that everyone has to wake up early. If you have a lot of things to do on the day itself or anticipate that it will take a long time to get everyone ready, a morning wedding probably isn’t the best option.




Photo by Athens, GA Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

As with morning weddings, many vendors will charge less for an event that ends prior to the evening. An advantage of this is that you can serve lighter food, forgoing the filet or chicken option that is typical to evening weddings. Lighter food translates to less cost. Your guests can enjoy a great meal without exhausting your budget. Another reason that couples are hesitant to have an afternoon wedding is that there’s an expectation that the bride and groom must entertain their guests for the remainder of the evening. There’s an easy solution for this: provide a list of activities around town for your guests to enjoy for the remainder of the day. Also, let your guests know that they aren’t expected to stay through the entire evening.



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Photo by Athens, GA Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

Evening weddings are the most common. People want to drink and party the night away. Everything seems to be more romantic in the low evening light. If you want a more formal wedding, an evening wedding is the way to go. Like a sunrise at morning weddings, the golden glow of a sunset makes for a stunning backdrop at a night wedding. Because it is so late in the day, you could choose to have a shorter reception and you will also be able to sleep later that morning. The beginning of the day can be relaxing without everyone rushing around.


An All Day Affair

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Photo by Athens, GA Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

Why not have the advantages that all times of day have to offer? After all, you as a couple have overcome many obstacles and deserve to celebrate that. Some say that weddings are one of the few chances you have to get anyone you care about to come enjoy a meal with you. You won’t have to worry about rushing to leave your venue when the time you rented it for is up. Guests have already come out, so why not spend the entire day with them? It may be one of the few chances you have to connect with old friends and distant family.



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