6 ways to recycle your wedding dress

1. Turn your dress into a Bible cover. You can transform your wedding dress into Bible coverings for some of the most special people in your life. This is a great way that the people you care about can have a piece of your wedding that will remind them of the momentous occasion.

2. Turn your dress into a family heirloom. You can always pass down your wedding dress to your daughter or granddaughter and they can repurpose it for their wedding day. They could completely change the look of the dress, but the significance of the dress will never change. 

3. Make Christmas ornaments from your wedding dress. You can create beautiful Christmas ornaments using the fabric from your wedding dress. When you decorate for Christmas, it will be a sweet reminder of your wedding day.

4. Repurpose your dress for your wedding anniversary. You can transform your wedding dress into an anniversary dress, purse, or clutch. Bring the memories back as you celebrate your wedding anniversary each year. Make sure to keep this item kept in a safe place, and only bring it out once a year for this special occasion.

5. Frame your wedding dress. You can frame material from your dress and use it as a house decoration. This way it is a constant reminder of your special day. 

6. Sell, rent, or donate your wedding dress. You can lend your dress to others so that they can also have the joy of looking beautiful in it. You may even know of someone that is unable to afford a wedding dress, and you could let them borrow it.

Photo by Blane Marable

3 ways to recycle your Flowers

1. Donate your flowers. An easy way to recycle your wedding flowers is by donating them to a local nursing home or hospital for patients and staff. You can also donate them to a local church to use for their Sunday service. 

2. Make vases for homebound people. There are so many elderly and handicap people that are stuck in their homes, and you could always make vases with your flowers for them to put in their home. Sharing the love and kindness from your wedding will be such a blessing to them. 

3. Pass your flowers on for an event being held. If you know of an event that is happening after your wedding, you can always donate your flowers so that they can use them for decorations.

Photo by Blane Marable

Recycle food, coffee urns and linens by donating or renting them out

The food that is left over from your wedding can easily be donated. You can donate it to a local homeless or drug shelter. You could also see if there is an event happening immediately after that could use the food.

Photo by Blane Marable

Table Linens and Coffee urns

If you purchase your table linens or coffee urns, you can loan or rent them out to people who are having an event. Most people rent out these items instead of purchasing them. This benefits you and allows you to make a profit from the items you bought. 

Photos by Blane Marable

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