Traditional weddings are familiar with the idea of big, beautiful bouquets. When you think of a wedding, you usually imagine a bride walking down the aisle with her specially picked flowers. The bouquet often ties in the theme of the wedding, matching the color scheme and table settings, so it’s important that you make your bouquet memorable!

For brides looking for an everlasting bouquet, flowers that can’t die are always a win. Paper flowers are a reminder forever of your bouquet, and they definitely don’t have to be boring! Different designs and colors mixed with touches of bling will have everyone dying to see your bouquet.


Photo from EcoFlower

Those looking for something easy and unique to carry down the aisle should definitely think about pomander bouquet. The ribbon makes mobility a breeze and is a whimsical touch to the wedding. These bouquets might be associated with younger brides, but the choice of flowers and ribbon will definitely mature the bouquet if needed.


Photo from PhillipaCraddockFlowers

If your wedding theme is unique and flowers aren’t a requirement look into making an object into a bouquet. From feathers to pinecones and even shells from the beach, anyone can make a DIY bouquet. These bouquets might surprise your guest and bring a mix of unexpected fun to your theme. Be creative with this, as anything can be made into a bouquet.


Photo from WeddingoMania

Bouquets are often seen as sentimental objects in a wedding, so why not make a bouquet out of sentimental items? Brooches can be tied together in a beautiful pattern and are easily found in some family collections. A fun idea could be to have your friends and family bring a brooch to your bridal party to make sure a piece of them will always be a part of you. This is a great way to incorporate a member of your family who is no longer with you or can not make it to your wedding day.


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