Photo by David Jenkins

Your wedding photos capture some of the rawest moments of your life, so why not make the background that frames these moments just as beautiful? The perfect altar should be just as carefully considered as your dress. Every detail of your wedding décor will be a part of your story. There’s something intimate about the altar you stand in front of when you promise your love to the person who you will be spending the rest of  your life with. 

Circles: A representation of “totality, wholeness, original perfection…eternity, timelessness.”


Photo by James + Schulze

Circles are universally known for being a shape with no end, which is a reflection of what you will undoubtedly say in your vows. As you stand before the people you love and kiss your person for the first time in matrimony, you would be framed in a representation of “totality, wholeness, original perfection…eternity, timelessness.”

This is also a great alternative altar for weddings that want a religious component but may not want a cross. Religiously, circles represent Heaven and its perfect balance and symmetry.


Greenery: Growth and Life

Photo by Alaina Ronquillo

Besides its obvious symbolism, green is a beautiful contrasting color against white, and this pop of color photographs beautifully. Your altar is the exact place where your bride/groom will look at you and say, “I do.” This is the place where you start your new life as one. From that moment on you will grow and flourish together as luscious greenery does.


Simple Suspensions

Photo by Ashley Oostdyck

Photo by Blane Marable

A suspended wedding altar is as magically whimsical as it sounds. This ultra-modernist idea is jaw dropping and is just as photogenic as the couple being wed. The options for a suspended altar are limitless and can be anything from hanging lights to greenery to chandeliers. These altars become ethereal as they hang above the married couple to be. This idea can be carried into the reception and be hung above the guests tables. 


Natural and Nude

Photo by Carlie Statsky 

Photo by David Jenkins

The aesthetic of warm nude colors against the traditional white dress and black tux is one of my personal favorites. The altar is just as raw as the ceremony being performed in front of it. This altar works beautifully in naturally lit settings such as the photo by David Jenkins on the right. I also love the use of pampas grass (photographed on left) against the soft greenery of mountain sides. Pampas grass is also known to be cost effective and can be vastly used in decor in center pieces, bohemian bouquets, and suspensions. The grass catches the light in a very delicate way to create beautiful heavenly pictures.


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