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Let’s all be honest, there’s nothing quite like a glowing bride on her wedding day. With that glow comes lots of prep and pampering. How would one know where to begin? A one-stop-shop salon is perfect for bridal beauty and Arbor Salon and Spa has all the bridal services one could dream of. The salon is located in Athens, Ga, close to several Athens wedding venues. Let’s talk about the many bridal services Arbor Salon and Spa has to offer and their tips and cues for all things beauty on your wedding day. 

Bridal Services… 

Hair Styling 

Arbor Salon and Spa offers bridal up-style, up-style for other members of the bridal party, shampoo and blowout, and specialty curling and braids. Discuss with the team which hairstyles work best with your hair type, face shape, and dress style. You can trust them in selecting the most flattering hairstyle for you! 

Photo by Arbor Salon and Spa 

Mirabella Makeup

Mirabella makeup products are some of the safest in the industry. The products are only made with natural ingredients free from parabens, talc, and gluten. Professionals at Arbor Salon and Spa know how to apply Mirabella makeup to a variety of skin tones and colors and promise to leave you with a flawless face! 


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Trial Session 

Arbor Salon and Spa recommends brides to schedule a trial session with the team for hair and makeup so they will know exactly what to expect on their wedding day. Their goal is to make the bride feel beautiful and have an image of what they will look like so the bride’s only responsibility is to sit back and relax while she is pampered. 

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Book an appointment at Arbor Salon and Spa for a flawless mani and pedi with CND Shellac polish for your special day! CND Shellac will not chip, smudge, or peel for two weeks allowing for fabulous nails at your wedding and honeymoon. Arbor recommends a French manicure or softer shade to not take away from your face or hair. Typically, Arbor Salon will allow you to book an appointment one or two days before your ceremony. 

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Facial Treatments

Arbor Salon and Spa suggests that the best way to have a flawless complexion on your wedding day aside from staying hydrated and maintaining a healthy diet is to schedule facial treatments. This could include a variety of facial treatments, vibradermabrasion, or waxing. These treatments are said to improve skin tone, firmness, and radiance allowing you to look your best. They say this is the perfect way to pamper yourself before the big day! 

Photo by Arbor Salon and Spa 

Tips for the Bride…

What to Wear for Hair and Makeup Appointments

The team at Arbor Salon and Spa suggest members of the bridal party wear button up or zip up tops that allow for quick and easy changes. Stay away from turtlenecks, hoodies, sweatshirts, and anything you have to pull over your head. They want to make sure not a single hair is out of place!  

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When to Wash your Hair 

The team will tell you how much in advance you should wash your hair before your wedding when you go in for a bridal trial session. They are specialists in that they know which hair types do better with which hair styles and will help you determine whether washing your hair the day of your wedding or the day before will work best. Typically, updos work best with hair that is more oily while cleaner hair works well with longer styles. 

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Makeup Looks

Arbor Salon and Spa is a big advocate for making the bride feel as beautiful as possible while still feeling like herself. They suggest that if you’re not one to take on a bold makeup look, then opt for a more natural makeup look. However, if dramatic makeup is your thing, they are experts at accentuating your eyes or lips with bolder colors. With a combination of Mirabella makeup and experts at Arbor Salon and Spa, your makeup will look professional while covering up blemishes, accentuating your best features, and evening out your skin tone. 

Photo by Aura Exposures Photography and Hair/Makeup by Arbor Salon and Spa

What makes Arbor Salon and Spa so unique is their expertise in their bridal services. You can visit their website at for inquiries or to book appointments. The team would be excited to talk with you about your vision for your wedding day look and would be happy to answer any questions about bridal beauty! 


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