Image from @Wedflix via Caroline Stroud

While photographs are a great way to capture your big day, a painting done by a talented artist at your wedding is a one-of-a-kind keepsake you can treasure forever. Recent University of Georgia graduate, Caroline Stroud, beautifully captures the magic of weddings through her live paintings. 

Caroline did her first live painting over a year ago at her cousin’s wedding. After seeing artists on Instagram do the same, she tried her hand at it and found a niche.



Photo by Caroline Stroud

She works with brides beforehand and gets their vision of what they want her to capture in the painting. “Before the wedding, the bride and I agree on a ‘scene’ that they want painted. These scenes could be the first kiss at the ceremony, the first dance at the reception, etc,” she said.

She arrives at the venue an hour and a half before to start painting the background. As the wedding progresses, she continues to add to the scene. Caroline has done both reception and ceremony paintings and allows brides to customize them however they please. For example she mentioned, “Some special requests have included having their dog painted in on the side as a guest or having the mother/father of the bride and groom be prominent figures in the background.”



Photo from Caroline Stroud

If she does a ceremony painting, she will start there and then finish it at the reception so your guests can watch her at work. Having an artist present and working is a unique touch that will wow your guests. As Caroline says, “Many [guests]  have never heard of, let alone seen, a live wedding painting so it is always exciting to see their reaction. They also love watching the progression of the painting throughout the evening as well as trying to point out where they are in the painting.”

The ability to complete a painting in such a short amount of time is not something every artist can do. “The hardest part about a live painting is the time crunch. I am naturally a fast painter so I felt like this would be a great niche market to try out,” she said.



Photo from Caroline Stroud

Through her art, Caroline is able to mirror the magic of your wedding day. Her ability as an artist to capture the love and emotion that goes into a wedding is remarkable. “I love translating the happiness in the room between the couple and their closest family and friends into a painting,” she noted.

A painting allows the couple and their guests to see a beautiful scene slowly come to life as opposed to just capturing the day in photographs. “In today’s digital age where everything is instantaneous, it is a nice change of speed to be able to witness a painting evolve over the course of a few hours,” Caroline said.



Photo by @dashphotographyatl via Caroline Stroud

If you’re looking for a way to captivate your guests and have a lasting reminder from your day, book Caroline to paint at your wedding. The best day of your life can be turned into a piece of art that you will cherish forever.

If you’re interested in a live painting by Caroline Stroud, you can contact her here:


Instagram: @caroline_stroud_art



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