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There is no doubt that the charm of historic Downtown Monroe rubs off on everything in it. The restaurants? Oh yeah. The stores? You bet! A wedding venue? There are no words. The Cotton Warehouse is a one of Atlanta’s most unique wedding venues, and it embodies the heart of this sweet city.

2Photo Credit: The Cotton Warehouse

Distinct Style

This restored venue goes back to the 1890s and features Pinterest-popular, feed enhancing exposed brick walls and beamwork. The beautiful history is extremely prominent in the interior and the exterior; you’ll be wishing the walls could talk! Luckily, this venue also has a modern flare. Your wedding will be stylish and all the talk for months to come.

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The Cotton Warehouse has an impressive size; it’s able to hold up to 300 guests! This venue is sure to accommodate a large wedding party, while still maintaining a quaint feel. The Cotton Warehouse feels homey because of its rustic, cozy style; however, you will not feel limited to a smaller event like in some other antique venues.

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If all this wasn’t reason enough to have your wedding at The Cotton Warehouse, they also have a private garden. Their garden will mesmerize you and make your day as enchanting as possible! It is so unique to find a venue that is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. The garden is a great spot for some wedding day photos with the wedding party and your guests!

View More: http://hollylrobbinsphotography.pass.us/kaylyn_brettPhoto Credit: Beyond Details

Catering & Design

If you are also on the search for a catering and design company, the Cotton Warehouse has partnered with an award winning company that does both called Beyond Details. Beyond Details helps each couple build a menu that is specific to their tastes. Not to mention, they can supply anything from a custom beverage station to light fixtures. They have so many beautiful varieties to choose from that will make your wedding as unique as you are! With their help, your vision will be beautifully executed.

6Photo credit: Estee Jassens via Unsplash

Wedding Planner

The Cotton Warehouse continues its range of benefits with having Blush and Bashful as a featured wedding planner! Their goal is to ensure that your day is as magical as possible. By having a close partnership with a wedding planner, you are fully equipped with everything you need for the ideal wedding. Plus, a wedding planner takes a lot of the stress off of you both before the wedding.

The Cotton Warehouse is an ideal venue for any wedding! It is stocked with tons of resources and is beautiful all around. It’s location in Monroe makes it even more special. There are so many areas to explore while you are there! Plus, Monroe is just a short drive from Athens, so you can still use Athens’ florists, caterers, and other vendors! Join the great people at the Cotton Warehouse for fun, ease, southern charm, and a bit of history.

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