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One of the most important parts of planning your wedding is finding the perfect venue. Your wedding venue is the spot where all of the unforgettable magic moments will take place for you to cherish forever. Luckily, Athens is home to several gorgeous wedding venues for you to choose from, ranging from sweet and charming outside venues, to rustic southern indoor venues. Today’s venue spotlight is The Hill, a beautiful well-known venue that will make your special day one to remember.

The Hill, located a few miles from downtown Athens, Georgia, is a scenic and historic venue that offers charm as well as classic outdoor scenery. It is a popular area within the Athens community and is home to a variety of historic buildings as well. Included at The Hill is a home designed in the Plantation Plain style built back in 1801. This venue is saturated with history and stories that date back to centuries past, and it holds an abundance of period antiques and buildings that hold some of the precious heritage of Athens, Georgia. 

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With a mossy garden and an iron-wrought gate, rock walls, and more, The Hill makes for a magical landmark that holds beauty and history that will have your wedding guests taking in every second of its charm and grace. The Hill accommodates around 250 guests, and makes for a wonderful outside venue for both your ceremony and reception.

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When it comes to your wedding day pictures, The Hill makes for a gorgeous area to capture breathtaking photos with scenic open fields, as well as gardens buzzing with flowers. The surrounding area of The Hill not only includes antique buildings, fields, and gardens, but even has an in-ground pool, giving it a unique touch as an outdoor venue. This is also the perfect place to have a band play at your reception. Let the music create the magic as it mixes with the calming peace of the outdoor landscape.

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The History

The Hill is home to four different antique homes that each tell their own story of the history of Athens. First is the Hodgson Lumpkin House, also known as the A&D House. Believed to be one of the homes that Joshua Meigs gave details of after staying with Daniel Easley in 1801, He would then go on to be the first president of the University of Georgia, scheduled to open later that fall. Following The A&D House is the Donald Epting House, another home built around the early 1800s, as well as a small home made of stone. This two-story home was named the Rock House, and was built by the grandson of a former slave. The fourth home is Quinn Cottage, or the Yellow House, built around 1930, and looks onto the “Soccer Field.” All of these antique homes add to the unique history of The Hill. You are welcome to rent out these homes and enjoy a peaceful stay in a scenic area, whether after your wedding or even for a getaway weekend of your choosing.

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The Hill holds precious history and is filled with harmonious landscapes and architecture that will make your wedding day so special. Furnished with period antiques, you can also have your reception in the house’s welcoming interior after your outside ceremony. If you enjoy places with heritage and stories surrounding it, or even just want a scenic outside venue that will add to the magic of your wedding day, The Hill is an amazing choice for you.

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