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Weddings have been slowly increasing in cost over the last few decades with the total bill often amounting to more than $15,000. They have become extravagant affairs, focusing on the couples themselves as they celebrate with their friends and family. One of the aspects of weddings that no one likes to talk about is the price. The responsibility of paying for the costs of the wedding oftentimes falls on the bride and groom. Figuring out how to pay the many bills and costs associated with a wedding doesn’t have to become a source of stress and anxiety. If you think creatively, there are ways to reduce the costs without feeling like you’re sacrificing anything.


Reduce Your Guest List as Much as Possible

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You don’t need to invite every person you’ve ever met to your wedding. Those who are invited should be the people who are closest to the bride and groom. A good strategy to approach this is to make a master list of all the people you want to invite and then go through that list and see who can be excluded. This will allow you to save money indirectly on costs such as food. It’s important to remember to not cut too many from your guest list because your wedding is ultimately about spending time with your loved ones to celebrate how far you’ve come as a couple.


DIY Decor

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Creating your own decorations is a fun way to cut costs while ensuring that you still attain the look you are going for in your wedding. It’s also full of options, all at different price ranges to provide a flexible fit into your budget. There are thousands of Pinterest boards with beautiful ideas that can fuel the making of your crafts. Creating decorations can also be an opportunity to add some personal touches to the wedding such as photos or memories. Grab your friends and take a day to enjoy each other’s presence and to have fun while making decorations for your wedding.




Photo via Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

There are also a variety of ways to save money on the types and quantities of flowers you choose to include in your wedding. Choosing seasonal and locally grown flowers are one of the biggest ways to save a good amount of money. An alternative to seasonally grown flowers is to choose flowers that bloom annually, such as roses, lilies, and orchids. Using greenery in combination with flowers is a creative way to reduce the amount of money spent on flowers while still adding beautiful touches of nature in your wedding.


Type of Food Served

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You can majorly cut the food budget by having breakfast or lunch (or even brunch) rather than dinner served at your wedding. If you have your heart set on an evening wedding, costs can be cut by serving a buffet instead of serving a multi-course meal. By choosing to serve a buffet, everyone will get to choose the foods they like and quantities of those foods that they are able to eat. If there is extra food, you can always take it home and eat it for days afterwards to reduce waste.

There are many opportunities to save money on your wedding without having to make too many sacrifices. Your wedding can be a memorable event that doesn’t create a financial burden down the road. If you approach the costs of your wedding with a little bit of ingenuity, it can go a long way in overall savings.



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