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A wedding is all about being surrounded by your loved ones and celebrating a special couple. Of course, both the bride and groom have many special people in their lives that they want to include on their special day. It can be difficult to find a way to incorporate everyone special to you in your celebration; but with a little creativity and determination, you can find a place for every family members to make sure they all included and loved.


As flower girls or ring bearers


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Many couples include their young relatives as a flower girl or ring bearer. Not only are they adorable additions to your bridal party, but it’s a great way to keep the children focused and on track without having them becoming too crazy. For years to come, you’ll definitely love all the cute photos that come of it.


As greeters or ushers

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If you have teenage relatives that are a little too old to be a ring bearer or flower girl, a great way to include them is to have them be greeters or ushers. Having ushers is a nice touch that allows your other guests to feel special and important.


Have them do a reading


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For your older family members who can handle the bigger jobs, ask them to do a special reading. These family members can contribute a meaningful portion to your ceremony by delivering a poem, reading a religious passage, or any other text that you would like to include in the wedding.


As special helpers


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A special helper at your wedding can mean that your relatives are filling in where you need help. This is a great idea as sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Having extra hands is a great way to cope with the stress, while simultaneously showing your family members that they’re important to you.


Include a family recipe on the menu


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Grandma (or mom) would love nothing more than having their recipes included on the menu. It’s a great way to share a family favorite with your guests. This also offers a unique menu that’s different from typical wedding food. Don’t stress- there are plenty of ways to show your family members your love during your wedding day. Whatever you choose, your family members are sure to appreciate being included in your big day.


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