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Lots of thought, time, and planning go into a wedding, so naturally every bride wants her special day to be perfect. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, so it’s important to be prepared in case of a wedding day emergency. Luckily, having a wedding day emergency kit handy can take some of the stress away from unforeseen circumstances. Brides- check out these wedding day essentials for your Athens, Georgia wedding!




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The first thing that you want to include in your wedding day emergency kit are bobby pins and hairspray. In most cases, brides get their hair done early in the day, which can lead to it falling progressively throughout the day. Often when a bride goes to slip on her dress, her hair may get a little messed up in the process. Having an abundance of hairspray and bobby pins on deck can help to ensure that your hair looks just as good when you are walking down the aisle as it did the moment after you got it done.



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It may seem a bit old fashioned, but including a sewing kit in your wedding day emergency kit is essential. If you happen to snag your dress or loose a button on the day of your wedding, you’re likely to end up in a panic. Having a sewing kit nearby allows for a quick fix in what could otherwise be a tragic situation.



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The next thing you’ll need in your handy dandy emergency kit is a Tide To Go stick. Say a friend goes in to give you a hug, but somehow manages to smudge makeup on your gown. Or what if one of your lovely, but clumsy bridesmaids accidentally spills a bit of champagne on her dress, or even worse- your dress. You’re going to need something that can instantly remove that stain and a Tide To Go stick might be your saving grace. Its convenient size and ability to remove stains on the spot make it a crucial component of a wedding day emergency kit.



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Another item you’ll want in your emergency kit is medicine. This is something brides often don’t think about when prepping for the big day; however, you can’t control when a headache comes on, or when your body begins to feel poorly. You want to be able to enjoy your day, so it’s important to have medicine close by just in case.



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Tissues are a must in your wedding day emergency kit. Weddings can be a heartwarming experience for everyone, but especially for the bride. You will likely be flooded with emotions throughout the day, so it is important to have tissues close by. Even the typical “non-cryers” have been known to shed a few tears on their special day. When you see your mom or dad’s reaction to their baby girl in a wedding gown, there is a good chance that the water works will quickly follow. Make sure to have plenty of tissues to dry all of those tears of joy.

Regardless of how much planning goes into a wedding, there are some things you simply cannot prepare for. You never know what unpredictable situations may come your way on the big day, so make sure to have a wedding day emergency kit ready. Believe me, damage control is a lot easier when you are prepared for an unforeseen situation. Have these items close by on your special day, to ensure that your wedding is perfect in every way!

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