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Having a good manicure is an important part of your wedding day because so many photos are taken of your hands! Whether it be a photo of your bouquet or a close up of the ring, you want to have good nails so you get the perfect shot. Here are some simple ideas of beautiful wedding day nails that you are sure to love! 

1. Keep It Natural

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Going with a simple, natural color is always a really safe option, especially if you usually do not have your nails painted. Picking out a light pink, beige or soft white is also best if you do not want your nails to stand out too much. These natural styles are a beautiful, more traditional option that many brides opt for because they truly never go out of style! 

If you usually do not have paint on your nails, getting a manicure and only adding a clear coat of polish is a great option! This will give your nails some new life and shine without bringing too much attention to them.

2. The Classic French

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Let’s face it- french is always going to be a go-to. It is classy, elegant and just overall a really flattering nail design! If you are looking to spice up the classic french look, opt for a colored tip that matches your flowers or add some gems! Adding a thin line of sparkle or color right under the tip is also a fun addition to french nails.

3. A Pop of Color

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You can never go wrong with just a simple coat of color. Pick a color from your bouquet or any color that you think represents you well, and do a solid coat! Having a nice color such as red, pink or turquoise blue will add an extra flare to your all white attire.

4. Add an Iridescent Shine

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This chrome top coat adds a beautiful iridescent sheen to any basic nail color. This is a good way to spice up your nails, while still not going over the top. This top coat could be applied to any nail color, so don’t be afraid to have some fun with it!

5. Ombre Glitter

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This girly and cute nail design is subtle while still adding something special to your nails. The small specs of glitter can heighten your manicure past just a plain coat. Add the glitter on as thick or as thin as you please- both look amazing! 

If you want to continue the ombre effect, you can do it with color as well! This nail technique has been super popular over the past few years and would be beautiful as wedding day nails.

6. Multiple Color Combos

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Can’t pick just one color? Pick a few and try them out together! A huge trend lately is painting your nails a few different colors that compliment each other well, such as the ones above. This is a fun and elegant trend that would look beautiful on your wedding day, especially if the colors coordinate well. 

7. The Half Moon

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The half moon is a cool and simple design that would be great for wedding day nails! Whether you leave the bottom clear or choose to add another color near the cuticle, your nails are going to be gorgeous!

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No matter what nail design you choose is going to be great! Just make sure that you pick something that is you and is not too far out of your comfort zone. If you have never tried these nail designs before, try a few out before the big day to see which one you like best! I hope that this helped you in deciding on your wedding day nails! 

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