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With New York’s Bridal Fashion Week bringing in the new styles for 2019 brides, it’s time to look back on the dresses that have touched our hearts in 2018. With most of us unable to grab a dress right off the runway, looking back can actually help us in looking forward to finding a style and sophistication that will bring us into the new year! So get ready ladies because it’s time to go through the latest trends in wedding dresses from 2018, and we are so excited!



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With women coming to embrace their bodies more and more, wanting to bring attention to their shape, and willing to bring a little sensuality to their ceremony, mermaid dresses have been on the rise. Now mermaid dresses have been a hot topic for a while now, but they’re so accentuating in all the right ways that I don’t see how they couldn’t be! Mermaid dresses are the shape of the year and I don’t think they’ll lose first place for a while.

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A huge trend that we’ve been seeing a lot of lately is boho weddings, and with those comes the boho wedding dress. Now, it definitely has to be your style for you to go for something like this, but the details on these dresses should appeal to almost anyone! They’re so simple but at the same time they’re so breathtaking. There’s really no other way to describe them. They fit perfectly with a simplistic theme, an outdoor setting, and a plethora of flowers all around! This trending dress style has come to our attention recently and we’ve seen it more and more in the past few months. This one will be on a steady rise for many months or years to come!

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Satin and Silk

I think we may be looking at the opposite of the boho dress here. Satin and silk dresses are elegant and sophisticated on another level. The simplicity brought by this trend is a completely different feel and really brings the attention to the beauty of the bride herself. The way these dresses fit the bride and seem to hang or hug in certain places also brings a bit of sexiness that we just can’t deny. Walk down the aisle with a dress like this on and high fashion will not skip a single person’s thought.

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Sexy Lace

Speaking of sexy brings us to our next trend: lace dresses. Now, lace dresses have always been a thing. They’re beautiful, detailed, and add illusions of sleeves or necklines. However, as lace was once used as a bit of a cover up, it’s now being used as a way of uncovering. Brides are bringing less of the dress slip under the lace to show off some skin on their big day and we are loving it! These dresses are sure to show off your silhouette as well as your confidence during your wedding! Grandma may have to look away for this trend, but your groom won’t be able to take his eyes off of you!

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Out with the old and in with the new! Or should we say out with the white and in with the blush? We’ve seen so many blush colored wedding dresses this season, we’re beginning to think they aren’t making them white anymore! Although, with the way these brides have been doing it, that may not be a bad thing. We love the bold taste of a different colored dress and not being afraid to stand out and try something new makes this trend even more exciting. This trend looks good with almost any style and it’s sure to bring a new brightness to your big day!

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With eloping, destination weddings, and simplicity on the rise, the casual dresses are not far behind. These are mostly for our brides on a budget but they make for such a different type of beauty. Bringing in the casual trend just reminds everyone that it’s not always just about the decorations or the venue or even the dress. It’s about the two people standing beside each other who don’t need anything other than that. The casual dresses we’ve seen have been shorter, simpler, and trendier than ever and we absolutely adore them!

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