By Brittany Lynch

Down here in Athens, Georgia, things are a little more at home, and a lot more Southern. We like to dress for the occasion. We can appreciate a wedding among the magnolias. And we love us some of those homemade goodies, the ones that involve that straight-from-your-Mee-Ma’s-kitchen kind of cookin’. Here are 3 pretty practical, yet authentically Southern, wedding favors that are trending this summer in the Classic City that you can do for your wedding:

1) Anything in a mason jar: we’re talking about those freshly-picked, homemade jams and preserves



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There’s something about cooking something from scratch that just makes everyone feel at home. If you’re throwing a small wedding (or a big wedding), small jars of homemade jams or preserves are a way to make your guests feel special when they leave your reception. Buy some mini-mason jars and ask your mom or grandma for a family recipe. Don’t have one? Just check out some online. There are tons of easy how-to’s so you don’t mess anything up, including the amount of sugar to put in so your preserves are perfectly sweet.

Local Tip: Just outside of Athens, Georgia is the perfect place to pick some summer berries and make your own preserves or jams for your wedding. Washington Farms is located in Watkinsville and has plenty to choose from. You can check out their berry schedule, prices to pick and more, right here.

2) Traditional munchies: Pralines, candied apples, and hot boiled peanuts


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These classic Southern staples are another simple way brides are treating their guests. Pralines and candied apples are perfect for the guests with a sweet tooth, while a bag of boiled peanuts make for a great snacking gift. These simple treats can be made in your very own kitchen. You can even choose to package them in something cute. Buying cute and custom paper goods in bulk is smart move for your pocket book if you’re doing this yourself. is a perfect website to order cute sleeves, labels, bags, ribbon, and more to dress up your guests’ goodies with a little Southern flare.

3) Somethin’ on ice: An ice-cold Coca-Cola or some good ‘ol Cheerwine


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If you’re planning on having a rowdy crowd, with a night of dancing and good company, your guests may need something to cool off with, especially in the wake of a hot Georgia summer. An instant hit and long-standing classic is an ice-cold Coca-Cola or a bottle of Cheerwine. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift and the refreshing taste of a cold beverage after your celebration is over. Want to go the extra mile? Pair each bottle with an inexpensive metal bottle opener, accent with a colorful tie, and have them on ice when the night ends.

All of these simple and easy wedding reception favors are easy to make and can be bought ahead of time, so you can dedicate more time and energy into making your day exactly how you want it. Whatever option you choose, any of them are a sweet way to say “thank you” for being a part of your special day. Be sure to like Weddings in Athens on Facebook for more updates and blog posts!


This post was written by Brittany Lynch. “Britt” is a junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Public Relations. She loves writing, enjoying Southern food, and is all about investing in new experiences. And, of course, she loves weddings. You can check out her personal blog here.

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