A major component to your wedding is to try and document as many memories as you can while also making them. Finding a great photographer, videographer, and other fun ways to remember your special day is very important. You can use go-pros, drones, have guests sign a picture frame or guest book along with many other ways to preserve your happy day. However, what is the most classic way to capture a moment? A painting. 

Featured photo from Maggie Smith, @watchmaggiepaint on TikTok

We aren’t just talking about a posed painting of you and your spouse or family, we are talking about a live painting. There are painters all across the country and globe trained to paint live events. During the first dance, or just a moment during the reception or ceremony, the painter is set up and ready to paint what they see as it happens. This is a fantastic way to preserve that moment in the most classy, artistic form. Not to mention, later in life, it is a perfect piece to hang in your house and spark conversation. 

Live paintings are the trend right now. It’s such a trend that painters have been going viral on the social media app, TikTok, showcasing the process of creating a live painting for a married couple. It’s really interesting to watch! If you search, @watchmaggiepaint, on TikTok, there are multiple videos of her documenting her journey to creating the perfect live painting! Maggie creates one minute videos which show how she sets up as well as her painting process. Some of her work has been done for a reception, and she makes sure to place herself in the corner of the venue so there is still a perfect view of the dance floor. So, don’t worry about the artist getting in the way! 

When considering hiring a painter to encapsulate your perfect wedding moment, you may want to consider a few things. First of all, since live paintings are a trend and it does require work for the painter plus their supplies, it can be pricey. You also need to consider if the artist will have to travel and how far, because traveling fees may be included! Google is your best friend when it comes to these components. You also want to consider all your painting options and communicate with the painter you choose or are considering so that you can be clear on the style and colors you’d like! 

However much the cost is or how much research it takes to find the perfect fit for you, the end result can be so worth it! Paintings of yourself aren’t in style anymore, photographs are the “thing”. How cool is it to have a timeless piece of art to illustrate and preserve such a magical day for you, your significant other, and family? Having a live painter also provides a bit of entertainment for guests to see artwork created right in front of them. Definitely look into it if you’re looking for a special way to spice up your wedding and add a sentimental piece to your home! 

Featured photo by Maggie Smith, @watchmaggiepaint on TikTok

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