Athens, Georgia is full of hidden spaces and fabulous finds. The Athens Cotton Press is one of those places. Opened in 2015, this space features exposed walls, smooth concrete floors, high ceilings and huge windows. If you’re looking for a venue that’s full of character and encompasses everything that shouts “Athens” then the Cotton Press is for you!

The Location

The Athens Cotton Press is located in Chase Street Warehouse on Oneta Street. It is conveniently located about a five minute drive from downtown. If you’re looking to spend the day around this area leading up to the event there are coffee shops, art galleries and other local, Athens shops.


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Photo Credit: Athens Cotton Press

The Look

This venue is full of natural light from the high windows which enhance the exposed ceilings, mixed brick and plastered walls and smooth, concrete floors. The Athens Cotton Press is spacious with plenty of space for large tables, casual couch seating and a bar. Built in 2015, the Cotton Press is created with the audience in mind. It can be used for small or large crowds so whether you want to utilize it for a rehearsal dinner, the wedding day or the wedding reception, you can!

The Size

The Athens Cotton Press claims the following on their website:

  • Cocktails: 500 guests
  • Banquet: 500 guests
  • Reception with Dance Floor: 400 guests
  • Auditorium Seating: 800 guests
  • Conference: 300 guests
  • Outdoor: 500 guests

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Photo Credit: Athens Cotton Press

The Extras

This venue features a liquor service that can be set up through Epting Events, free parking on location and is fully wheelchair accessible. The Cotton Press also offers a team that is willing to help plan any event hosted in the space.


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Photo Credit: Athens Cotton Press

The Specialists

The Athens Cotton Press has a team to help you with your special day! They are ready to make your job as easy as possible! The website says that the team has “more than 40 years in the field” so they have plenty of experience as event planners. Their contact information is below so that you can start connecting and planning your big day!

The Connection

  • Phone: 706-353-1913
  • Email:
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