While spring and summer tend to be considered “wedding season,” you can sometimes luck out with a beautiful day for a wedding in the fall or early winter. However, if you are like me, Saturdays down South have and always will be reserved for football. Whether you are having your own wedding or attending someone else’s, here are some things to keep in mind while choosing between the big day and the big game.


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When you decide to have your wedding on a fall Saturday, you may have some complaints from the football fanatics in your life. Many people will be worried that they have to miss the game in order to attend your special day. If you are planning your own wedding for a Saturday in the fall, you are probably prepared to hear the complaints, but you can also do some things to avoid people being glued to their phones throughout the course of your wedding.


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One of the most obvious things that you can do to avoid football drama is plan your wedding on a bye week for your team. You, your soon-to-be husband, your dad, and many other attendees will be thankful that they don’t have to worry about a score throughout the course of the night. If you do decide to have your wedding on a day when your team is playing, you can try to schedule the ceremony around the game time. They sometimes don’t release game times until closer to the actual date, so this can be risky, but it is always an option if you are worried about people being preoccupied during your wedding.


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If you are attending a wedding that happens to be on the day of a game, here are a few things to keep in mind. First off, football season happens every year. While it may be hard to put down the remote and attend someone’s wedding, they will appreciate it in the long run. Second, chances are these people are just as worried about the score of the game as you are. They aren’t trying to keep you from knowing what is happening, they just want you to be respectful during the ceremony and to be present at the reception. They probably will not care if you check your ESPN app every few minutes, and they honestly might ask you to keep them updated on the score if they know you are keeping up with it. Lastly, getting invited to a wedding is an honor. These people are paying for you to have dinner and have a desire for you to be there on the day that they commit themselves to another person. Thankfully, we live in the 21st century — DVR is a resource! It is so easy to record the game and watch it when you get home (or the next day because you may be tired from all the fun you had at the wedding)!


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Ultimately, if it is your wedding day, you have the right to be a tad bit selfish. You should want and expect people to be respectful and focused on you during your big day. If you are attending a wedding, just remember how much time and effort has gone in to this day. Who cares if you check the score a few times? As long as you are respectful of the bride and groom, you can have your football game and eat your wedding cake too!


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