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As we grow older, our taste in many things change, including jewelry. As women, we have transcended from an era of Claire’s cupcake shaped earrings to our famous gold hoops and dainty rings. Our level of sophistication has taken a complete 360 and it is time to test our knowledge on what jewelry we will wear on our wedding day. 

There are two ways this could go. The first jewelry instance would be that of a themed wedding. If you and your hubby decided to do a Brazilian carnival-themed wedding, well then, those dainty earrings are not going to be your best option. I am not saying you need to wear a feather headpiece that although seems like it would be, is not as light as a feather. Maybe opt for some more decorative earrings or some colorful rings. Now, if your wedding is traditional, then your jewelry aesthetic shifts to a different category. Here, you might want to wear some diamond studs or if you’re a pearl kind of gal, then those would be a better fit for you then say some bright red earrings that match a Georgia Bulldogs themed  wedding. Whatever jewelry you decide to wear with your dress, here are just some things you should always remember.

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If worse comes to worst and you simply do not know what earrings to wear, or if a bracelet and some rings are better than a necklace and small earrings, matching the detail on your dress is always a good idea. Many times, brides opt for a different shade of white, and wearing earrings that are not the same shade as the dress can wash you out rather than make you shine like the diamond you are. You can never go wrong with matching the gold detailing or the pearl detail on your dress. The beading is usually an easy indicator of what kind of jewelry to wear and what finish to go for such as silver, gold or rose gold plated. Another thing to keep in mind is if your dress is simple, you can afford to go a little extra on the jewelry but if your dress is already busy, do not draw the attention from it by adding a pair of busy earrings as well. Let us all remember that the star of the show is the dress and not the necklace or the rings.

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If you have a theme such as a movie themed wedding, then you are allowed to color outside the lines this time. Go ahead and match the hairstyle of the “it” girl in that chick flick and wear that bohemian hair piece she wore to that one concert. In an effort to match the theme, jewelry rules of sophistication go out the window and the only rule here is to have fun. Not only will this add some “pizazz” to your wedding, but you will more likely make your guests feel more comfortable as well. A wedding where there is no fancy-dress code is a wedding for the books.

 Whether your wedding is traditional or themed, jewelry should always be a good companion to your dress. If you remember to balance your look, you are guaranteed to be a show stopper. Wear those carnival earrings, diamond studs or pearls at your wedding with pride. 

 Shine bright future Mrs.!


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