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Choosing your wedding band comes fairly early in the wedding planning process. After the initial excitement of the engagement and the beautiful ring that you were proposed to with, it’s time to pick out the rings that you’ll be exchanging on the day of your actual wedding. Your wedding and engagement rings are something you’ll see at the end of every day to remind you of the love and commitment you share with your partner.



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Of course, you have the three classic C’s that you should be aware of when picking out your ring. The three C’s are: color, carat, and cut. Silver and white gold are becoming increasingly popular. They provide a clean and seamless look that you’ll never grow weary of. Coloring isn’t limited to the type of metal to be used in the ring, but it could also refer to the type of jewel used. If diamonds aren’t your taste, you could choose another jewel, such as sapphire or ruby, that is more telling of your personality.




Photo by Athens, GA Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

Rings in themselves are symbols of the love we share within our relationships. The size of your ring doesn’t necessarily translate into the value of your relationship. Are you the type of girl who loves simple jewelry and doesn’t want something that’s too much? Or are you the type of person who’s been waiting your entire life to get married and wants to go big on everything? Other than the size of the jewel on your ring, there are also many options with having a combination of jewels rather than just one. You could have one larger jewel framed by two smaller ones or jewels wrapped around the band itself.




Photo by Athens, GA Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

We’ve all heard of the classic princess cut of a ring, but there are many more options beyond that. With the cut of the jewel on your ring, there is a large variety of cuts you can choose from that can match your personality. The most common of these cuts are square-shaped and circle-shaped. Other cuts include: the emerald cut, oval cut, baguette cut, pear cut, marquise cut, and radiant cut. Choosing a non-traditional cut can add subtle touches of your personality to your ring without straying too far from traditional.



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What comes to mind when we think of a wedding ring is that classic band framing a beautiful diamond ring. A traditional wedding ring usually consists of one main jewel, which is a diamond, that is surrounded by smaller other jewels or by a seamless band. Traditional wedding rings provide a timeless look that you know you’ll love in 40 years.


Something Different

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Something different can mean that you change up the cut of your diamond, like having a heart instead of  a traditional square or circle. It could also mean that you use a variety of different types of metals in your ring, such as a combination of gold and silver. A new trend is using rose gold instead of traditional gold. Another way to personalize your wedding ring is to add an engraving. This can be a special message from your partner to you that will be a daily reminder of your love.



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