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The day of your engagement is one of the most magical moments a girl can dream of. It signifies the start of a brand new journey with your significant other and will be a day you will look back on for years to come. Remembering your engagement can be captured on scene, but choosing to have an engagement shoot will bring wonderful photos to capture the blissful memories of saying yes to your sweet proposal. If you are searching for some inspiration on what to wear to your engagement shoot, we here at Weddings in Athens are happy to help. Below is a list of tips on what to wear for your engagement photoshoot.

Coordination is Key

Whether you desire to wear a flowy patterned dress, or a simple skirt and blouse, keep in mind that coordinating with your partner is key. One option is to have your fiancé dress in neutral colors, such as a white button up and khaki pants. This allows for you to have more room for your outfit options while also keeping a classic look. Having your fiancé wear all black, grey, or any other solid shade is also easy to work with. Keeping the outfits subtle and less busy will help to put more of a focus on the two of you rather than what you are wearing. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear fun accessories or unique patterns, but complementing one another will do wonders for your photos.

Featured Image by Erin Morrison

Make It a Color Scheme

When thinking of what to look for in your closet or shopping in stores, keep in mind that creating an aesthetically pleasing color scheme can go a long way. From choosing simple neutrals, to shades of blue, to warm or cool tones, a concrete color scheme can be all you need to have an amazing photoshoot. 

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Set it With Your Location

Depending on what season it is, this can have a lot to do with what you could wear. If it’s fall and your location is outside, choosing warm tones and darker colors may compliment the background better than bright patterns. During the spring or summer, incorporating fun pigments of yellow, pink, or lavender goes perfectly with the buzzing atmosphere of sunshine and flowers in bloom. Thinking about your location can be a good first step into figuring out the perfect look that will not only compliment the background, but also brilliantly highlight the magical moments shared between you and your fiancé.

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Aim for Classic Looks

One mistake that could easily be made is trying to wear clothes that are on trend during the given time period. While the style that might be “in” right now will be sure to look amazing during your photoshoot, keep in mind these pictures will stay with you forever. Keeping your outfits trendy, yet classic, will help ensure that even years down the road, you can look at your engagement pictures knowing you went with the best option. For instance, wearing an elegant solid print dress, or a classic jumpsuit will always be a fantastic choice, and you can dress it up with accessories that fit your personality!

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Alternate Outfits

With any photoshoot, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one outfit! Have fun with different looks and alternate between a couple of chic outfits that best suit your location. If you are indecisive about a few outfits, this gives you the best of both worlds. Try a few locations in your first look, and switch it up for the next location. This leaves room for you to try more than one outfit and have even more options for your photos.

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Be Sure to be You

Lastly, the most important thing to remember when picking out your engagement shoot outfits is to be 100% authentically you. Don’t feel pressured to wear a certain thing, or even go out and buy anything you might not have. Your pictures are most important to remember your engagement with the person you love. No matter what you choose to wear, your photos will look amazing and will be something to cherish for years.

Image courtesy of Erin Morrison

Hopefully these tips gave you some inspiration on how to style your outfits for your engagement photoshoot. While you’re here, be sure to check out other blogs at weddingsinathens.com related to photographers, planning your wedding, and more.

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