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Engagement Photos

What better way to announce your wedding than with your special furry friend by your side. Incorporating your dog in engagement photos is a fun way to add a unique and personal touch. There are many creative options in which one can take pictures with their dogs. The University of Georgia’s campus is a colorful scenic spot, with many different options for pictures. One can pose with their dogs in front of the historical arches, under the bell tower, or anywhere in front of the vibrant landscape. Additionally, add props in your photos: hang signs around your dog’s neck, dress your dog in cute outfits, even use a leash as a pop of color.

Photos by  Blane Marable

A Dog is a Man’s Best Man

Dogs are a man’s best friend, so why not have them be a man’s best man? Having your best friend by your side on your wedding day is so important. Your dog has been through the good times, and the ruff times too. Make sure your dog is included in your ceremony by dressing them up to look their best. Treat them to a day at the groomers and a new outfit.  Don’t forget to have treats by your side to reward them throughout the ceremony, as it is a long time to ask them to sit and behave.

Incorporate your Dog into the Details of Your Wedding

Sometimes the stress of having your canine at the wedding might be overwhelming. Good news though, your dog can still be a part of your wedding without physically being there. Incorporate your dog into small details throughout your special day. One can purchase cufflinks with their dog’s face on it. This is a way to have your best friend by your side throughout the entirety of the ceremony. Or, use their best pictures to serve as a table number for all your guests to see.

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Name a Signature Cocktail after Your Dog

Base a cocktail at your wedding off of your dog. Try to think of the flavors that you would describe them with. If your dog has a relaxed personality, maybe opt for a tropical rum based drink. If your dog is more vivacious, try to honor their spunk with a strong tequila cocktail. Don’t forget to include a dog-inspired swizzle stick or napkins to add the finishing touches on your dogtastic cocktail.

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