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The day that you go and decide on your wedding dress is an extremely important time. Your wedding dress is what you will wear to be united in holy matrimony to your significant other. This is most likely the only time in your life that you will be dressed in something so special and significant. This day can be a really momentous occasion, but it could also go very poorly. Here are some tips to make this day a day you won’t forget or wish you could forget. 

Who to bring?

Photo by Blane Marable

Party Size

When deciding how many people should attend, you need to first research and see how many people the salon allows per appointment. Some places only allow you to bring a smaller party because there is a limited amount of seating in the waiting area. 


The most important thing to consider at your bridal appointment is who to bring. Who are the most special people in your life that you would not want to miss this big day? For some people, this includes your mom, grandma, and great grandma. For other people, they may not have a strong relationship with these women, and would prefer for their father to be there. Another person to consider is your future mother-in-law. You will want to make sure to run by inviting your future in law by your mother as well.  This is overall a special day for you, but it is also a big day for your mother as well. 

Bridal Party

One of the most important members of your bridal party is your maid/matron of honor.  She has been given this title because she is someone that is important to you and inviting her to pick out your wedding dress will show her just how much she means to you. I would also recommend having some of your bridesmaids at your appointment. This way you can see what dresses will look best and flatter their figures. 

No Stress

The last thing you want on this big day is to be stressed out, so DO NOT bring anyone that could potentially stress you out. You want this appointment to be a fun and bonding time, but that also means that you need to pick the people that you bring wisely. If you do not agree with a  family member’s opinion on a regular basis, then you are probably not going to agree on picking the right wedding dress.  Remember it is most likely going to be a crowded fitting room. Make sure the people you bring get along with both you and each other. If they do not get along regularly, then don’t think because it is a special occasion that they will decide to act any differently. They are going to be at odds about any decision just to create drama (meaning they could potentially take their controversy out on you). If you really want someone to be there, but without causing drama then you could always set up a facetime call so that they can feel like they are present. 

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