By Faith Nicole Evans

If you’re any kind of chick flick aficionado, like me, you’ve seen The Vow. You’ve cried as you watched Channing Tatum vow his eternal love to Rachel McAdams in a museum in Chicago. You listened to his promises to her while text bombing your best friend wondering why men in the real world aren’t like that.
Well, there are men in the real world like that, and yours is out there. And when you find him, his vows will be perfect. Of course, if he’s like most men, he can’t escape the fact that he is a procrastinator. Which means that the morning of y’alls beautiful wedding, he’s panicking about what to tell you when you’re up on the altar. So, here’s what you have your maid of honor text him bright and early to save him from sweating the morning of the wedding in good old Athens, Georgia.

For him:
1. Promise her your love. Promise her that above anyone else, she’s going to be the person that you go to when your boss is unbearable, you get a speeding ticket, or even twenty years later your little sister can still get under your skin.

2. Promise to push her when she needs pushing, to listen when she needs listening and to cuddle her when she needs cuddling.

3. Promise to remember all of the firsts. Date. Kiss. The first time you knew she was The One.

4. Promise to watch The Bachelorette with her. You can tell your guy friends that you watch it to see all of the exotic places that they visit.

For her:

1. Promise him that you’ll be his biggest cheerleader. Promise him that when he doesn’t see what he’s worth, that you’ll remind him every single day.

2. Promise him that he will always be your kryptonite. The best kryptonite that there ever was.

3. Promise him that you will never forget why you said yes when he asked you to marry him.

4. Promise him that you’ll watch his favorite sport with him even though you’d much rather be watching One Tree Hill on your laptop.

Vows don’t have to be rigid. They don’t have to be rehearsed. They need to be real because that’s how life is. Promise not to eat the last Oreo because you know that’s their comfort food. Order the thin mints even though you like the samoas. Promise to kill the spiders. To vacuum for her because she hates it.
Make your vows real. Because marriage is real.

Image by Perry Vaile

This was written by Faith Nicole Evans, a junior at the University of Georgia majoring in Public Relations. You can find her watching an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy in one day on Netflix, perfecting her napping skills, or running to Chick-fil-A for sweet tea.

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