From the time you were a little girl, you were most likely envisioning what your wedding day will look like. You have been pinteresting and creating wedding inspiration boards for years. Those things will definitely help when you have to decide specifics (such as colors, themes, etc). The actual steps of planning your wedding is something you have probably not thought too much about, and I am going to give you some insight on how to begin this process. 

Setting a Budget 

Before you begin making any big decisions, the very first thing you need to do is make a budget.  Creating your budget first will prevent you from falling in love with different items that you are unable to afford. I would recommend sitting down with people who have either had a wedding or someone who could advise you effectively in the budget making process.  

Create a Guest List

Before you find a venue, you need to make a guest list. Oftentimes, venues only allow a certain number of guests and the last thing you want to do is have to decide who to not invite because of the size of the venue. To make sure that everyone you care about will be able to attend your wedding, you need to go ahead and make a guest list. 

Find your Venue

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The next step after you have become engaged and create a guest list is finding the perfect venue. Most wedding venues are booked out so far, that it may be difficult for you to find the venue that you want. Some people want to get married on a significant date, and the venue that you were looking at may not have that date available. The last thing you want to do is decide on a date before you have your venue.  

Set a Date 

If you are not picky on the exact date of your wedding, then the availability of your venue could possibly pick the date of your wedding for you. Deciding on a popular venue means there may only be a handful of dates to choose from. Selecting a date allows you to then start booking professionals, sending out invites, and making sure your dress will be ready in time. 

Pick out your Wedding Dress

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One of the most special parts of your wedding is picking out the dress that you will wear.  Although you may want to pick out your dress first, this is probably not the best solution. You want to make sure that your dress is appropriate for your venue and the date that you choose.  You also will need to consider how long it will take for your dress to arrive. Alterations normally take several months before they are finished, so it is important for you to make sure that it is ready in time. 

Booking Your Professionals

Now that you have your date, venue, and dress, it is now time for you to book your caterer, photographer, hair and makeup stylist, officiant, DJ, and florist. Letting them know the exact date and location will be super helpful when deciding who you will choose to make all of these things go well on your big day. 

Send out Save the Dates

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The last major step in beginning your wedding planning process is by sending out the save the dates. You want your invited guests to go ahead and make sure they are able to clear their schedules for your wedding. In order to do that, you need to go ahead and send these out as far in advance as possible. 

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